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Noix de Rome Exclusive Pocket Fairy Mini-May

Mar 9, 2005

    1. A while back, Noix de Rome (a Japanese company/store that makes 1/6 customizing supplies, as well as outfits and such) started selling cute outfits for Blue Fairy's Pocket Fairy dolls.

      Now, Noix de Rome and Blue Fairy have collaborated to create an Exclusive MiniMay. The Japanese Blue Fairy website also indicates that the Korean Blue Fairy site (and possibly the English one?) will look into carrying Noix de Rome's fashions for Pocket Fairy.


      She's only on the Japanese site so far, with one pic on the main page and one pic in the Topics section.

      Noix de Rome Exclusive Mini-May will be made in a limited edition of 50. On 3/10/2005 (Japan time), a pre-order form will appear on the main page, and 3/11/2005 50 people will be randomly selected to pre-order the exclusive Mini-May.

      The Noix de Rome Exclusive Mini-May costs 40950 yen, and includes:
      1 Mini May, regular skin, unique make-up, packaging and futons
      Slate blue eyes
      Unique curly saran wig
      100% silk "antique doll" outfit with French lace
      White shoes (brown in photo, but text says the final product will be white)

      The outfit is in a similar style to Noix de Rome's original 1/6 dolls.

      Noix de Rome has also added Pocket Fairy wigs to its Japanese order site. The text description says that these are made with saran hair rooted on to a PVC scalp (same substance as 1/6 doll heads), and they cost 1890 yen each. They're designed for restyling, which is why they look very simple in the website photos.
    2. nice :D
      wonder if that means the English site will come back one day
      ngers crossed :grin:
      .....wants a Peter :D