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non-bjd clothes for iplehouse's minis? [specifically Tatiana]

Jul 13, 2008

    1. mmkies... so i'm super in love with Iplehouse's Tatiana-Pierrot.

      So, in dreaming of the day i'll own her (:...( wants her) I've been looking around for things for her. I've seen lots of people talking about clothes that fit dolls [like Friends 2b made] but i havent seen anyone mention if they fit iplehouse dolls.

      so, anyone know of what non-bjd clothes fit Tatiana? :sweat
    2. F2bM clothing should fit fine. They will probably be a little large in the tops and a little tight in the pants/skirts, depending on the style.
    3. F2bM will NOT fit, nor will teen trends. the Iple girls are just too curvy.

      I struggled to get some MSD/DoC sized skirts onto my girl and they did go on with a fight. None of the fitted style shirts I had for MSD/DoC would fit her at all, but t-shirts ought to. Her hips and bust are quite large.
    4. oh wow. i was thinking they're Unoa sized. bummer.
    5. it s a little bit difficult clothing them i must admit...

    6. had a bad feeling they wouldnt.... :(

      speaking of unoa... in the unoa thread they mentioned Fashion Angels clothes fitting. Might they also fit Tatiana? then again, their pictures of their unoa wearing it wasnt there, so im not so sure how... as lucia said, "curvy" ... she was
    7. Nothing that fits Unoa would fit them, Unoa is by far more slim. I'll do a comparison photo between a Bobobie girl (just a tad larger than a Unoa in the waist) and my Tatiana later tonight.

      I have MSD pants/skirts by dollmore and cheerydoll that fit (but as I said it takes some effort).

      As for shirts I don't know what will fit. I don't have any brand name tops, all stuff I made myself. The largest doll I made clothes for was a large busted Bobobie girl, and they wouldn't close over Tatiana's bust.

      Loose clothes like Kimonos and t-shirts should be just fine though.

      Maybe I should make some clothes for them, I might have the market to myself :aangel:
    8. ah, thanks

      lol, poor Kylie with those pants...
    9. http://www.fashionangels.com/

      T-shirts fit, have not tried pants. Only the chinese style dress is a bit stiff.
      Hoodies: body of the hoodie fits, hood is ridiculously big, but easy to adapt.

      Also, dollzone shoes.
    10. I saw some nice stuff at FA, but question....

      How do you order from them???