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Non Fantasy Dolls vs Fantasy Dolls

Nov 13, 2017

    1. What is your preference? I'm at 12 dolls, 7 being fantasy characters, 5 being humams.
    2. I like fantasy dolls more for head sculpts(elven mostly) but I prefer more realistic body parts, nothing too thin or over sized. I only have one doll right now, and elf, but plan to get another soon!
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    3. I only buy human dolls, unless they're tiny weird creatures, who are usually off topic here. I have 16 human dolls and two human heads, only one fantasy tiny who is on topic here.
    4. I have
      1 sd human female,
      2 sd human males,
      1 human boy msd,
      1 human boy yo,
      1 male cat anthro msd,
      1 catboy yo,
      2 tiny catbabies 1 male, 1 female, twins
      1 female half dragon yo
      1 male half demon yo
      1 doll character, female tiny
    5. Two of my dolls could pass for human (they have human sculpts), but their characters are technically spirits. My doll with pointed ears and hoofed feet definitely counts as a fantasy sculpt, as does my little dragon, and I would consider my robot to fall on the fantastical side of things.
    6. I'm planning on having a full fantasy story eventually so fantasy dolls all the way for me.
    7. All fantasy all the way! Well, anthro mostly but I have some beasties too
    8. All my dolls have human form, though almost all are supposed to be fantasy characters: demon, android, siren, fairy, alien, vampire, dragon, unicorn. All of them are 65+ cm, I only have 2 tines whom are my only human characters :P
      I just didn't got into fantasy sculpts, because there's so much variety I wouldn't have been able to choose, and I have almost already completed my collection (waiting for a body only) of 10 dolls (2 more than planed :P)
    9. I like both, but I lean more towards human sculpts but many of them have fantasy stories: Technically, one of my dolls is a deity, but he looks human. Another is a ghost: he has completely white skin. Another two have super powers.

      I do have two elves, as I love elf ears, and I'm planning at some point to make Jotunn Loki in his blue alien form. I've also ordered a doll with horns and hooves, who'll be a kelpie type thing.
    10. I stick with human sculpts personally, but I think that's mostly because I don't think I would be creative enough for fantasy dolls! As much as I would love to have some fantasy dolls, I think they'd all just end up unfinished, as I wouldn't know where to go with them or how to
    11. I have mostly human and elven dolls, just one 'real' fantasy doll being half snail half human. Though this one needs much more work, than the others and still isn't finished :frownyblush:
      I do like fantasy dolls, but I feel it's much harder comiting on a fantasy doll, since there is usually something I consider not perfect.
    12. I have more fantasy, but like both equally. It’s jusy the way that shelling out characters worked for me.
    13. I have both in my crew. All of them can take on human forms, but as some of my crew are comic movie characters, we have a superhuman (Captain America), some deities (Thor, Loki, Wonder Woman), an ice-weredragon (T'Gai Spock), and a half-breed of Dr. Strange and a Phoenix (Dr. Raphael Strange). And yes, also some plain humans such as Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye), Pepper Potts and Tony Stark.

      Then we have two fantasy creatures, a sweet, little dragon and a Hippogrif.

      For the werecreatures, I got some fantasy parts, mostly from Soom. I think they simply make the best ones for big guys.

      I like to have options, so I have a mixed group.
    14. Mine are non-fantasy dolls, though I don't mind fantasy dolls either. :)
    15. I lean more towards human dolls. I have a tiny on the way that has changeable fantasy parts (just the feet and hands), but anything not interchangeable or mag-on I likely wouldn't go for. If it's an actual fantasy creature like a dragon or some such, that's a bit different and I probably wouldn't mind getting them as event add-ons but likely won't seek them out myself. :)

      I do love seeing others fantasy dolls though, they're quite lovely and interesting!
    16. If pukipuki count as fantasy, then only three of my 18 or so dolls are strictly human. I like having variety.
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    17. I like non-fantasy dolls in general. Weirdly, when I started I never liked Yo-SD sized dolls or fantasy dolls, but I'm starting to find myself liking fantasy yo-SD dolls :sweat Weird how that works...
    18. I like both fantasy and human dolls, with a little more than half my current crew being fantasy. Two of mine I ordered becuase they have elf ears and were available in tan. I also have 4 of Soom's Faery Legend dolls.
    19. I LOVE fantasy dolls!!! They are TOTALLY a preference for me--hooves, horns, colored resin, elf ears, vampires, anthros, demons, fairies, naga tails, colored hair, wings--I love it all!!!!

      But I like non-fantasy dolls, too. I definitely have more fantasy dolls, though.
    20. Both? I'm a huge sucker for both elf heads and fantasy skin colors (white included). I currently have two human sculpts but neither of their characters are human. I also have one completely inhuman doll.