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Non-human dolls

Sep 28, 2009

    1. I'm quite new here so please forgive me if this thread should be elsewhere or already exists.

      When my friends first got into BJDs I was not that impressed but recently one of them pointed me towards SOOM's Chrom and I have since discovered a wealth of non-human ball jointed dolls and I have fallen in love. Even something as simple as a pair of horns is enough to turn me from indifferent to very interested, although it has to be done right. I was especially excited by souldoll's Chiron.

      So is there anyone else out there who prefers non-humans? Is there anyone who feels they shouldn't be included in the same category as normal dolls? Or just anyone with anything to say on the subject at all?
    2. I don't know how many people actually prefer non-humans, but given the wealth of them around here, I'd guess that very few have any sort of problems with them. ^.^ I can't recall ever seeing any objections to the idea of non-humans in and of themselves, even if some get bored with seeing the same type over and over - but I was amittedly out of the loop for a long time, so I may just not know. I do recall the issue of whether or not anthros were on-topic, but I think that was genuinely an issue of sharing the same aesthetics as more humanoid dolls, not, "Hey, we don't like 'em or want 'em."

      As for myself, even though all of my dolls are human in form, none are human in character. I'm not in a position to have any sort of mods done right now (and I worry that the mismatch between apoxy and resin would bother my OCD so much I wouldn't be able to deal with it), and even if I was, they'd in two cases start off with nothing more than pointed ears, but I do strongly prefer non-humans even it's just, "Hey, we're elves/fae/spirits from another world." I'm very heavy into fantasy and role-play as an escape from the real world, and my dolls are extension of that - so there wouldn't be much point to me having humans. The only time I've ever considered it was to bring in a character from Phase's storyline, but it didn't work out and I suspect I'm probably happier that way.
    3. I don't see any reason to segregate dolls based on whether they're human or "non-human," even though I do strongly prefer fantasy dolls... currently all my dolls are non-human, though one of my favorites started out as one and has since been modded to be an elf instead.

      I see nothing wrong with preferring fantasy dolls, just as I see nothing wrong with those who don't want fantasy dolls and would rather have only humans, or only super-realistic, or only super-stylized. There's no reason to try to start wedging people apart based on whether the dolls they like have pointy or round ears. :)
    4. I am a total sucker for fantasy dolls... in fact, there is only one "human" doll that I would consider getting (and only to pair with one of the dolls on my husbands wishlist).

      Its the elf ears that get me everytime. Heck, this is the person that got a petition going to get an elf version of Moon from Luts (I was pleased when Juri A came out as he looks very much like an elf Moon).

      And if I had the magic unlimited credit card that I never had to pay back, I think I would own all the Soom Monthly dolls. :sweat

      I have nothing against human dolls, I just love a little touch of fantasy for the ones I personally invest into. :)
    5. all my sd13 andsd17 dolls are human but all my msd dolls are elves. i have no problem with mixing the two together. after all, they fought together in lord of the rings (lol). the world you create is totally your own and the dolls you collect live in that world and exist totally at your command. i love my human dolls but i admit i have a soft spot for elves and would like to get a sd13 elf when the time comes.
    6. I never thought or much liked the animal dolls until the Pipos new Cheshire cats came out...I may have to get the orange one...he is toooo cute to pass up...
    7. I'm with the crew of really liking non-human dolls, but I also quite like anthros. I'm buying my dollies horns and cat ears soon, just becuase I think it's adorable. My next few dolls, if plans stick, are all entirely human, however. I just want a little of everything.

      I think it's a case of to each their own. If like anthros, or dolls with animal parts, then go to town and have fun building your collection with them.
    8. I enjoy looking at non-human dolls- I especially have always had a soft spot for horns and hooves- but as for dolls I actually own and want to own? They're all human, even their characters are human (though some with "abilities"). I don't know why, but I don't care much for the idea of owning a vampire doll, or an elf doll, or an anthro or what have you.
      I find this odd since my most beloved OCs are not human at all, but then again, I don't like the idea of having them as dolls either (they would never be just right).

      I have nothing against non-human dolls, and I don't see why they shouldn't be included with human dolls, I just haven't felt the need to own any. But hey, who knows, maybe my mind will change :)

      p.s. I did make my dolls horns though, but that was more for fun than to make them non-human. I thought little devil horns would suit my boy who has such a mischievous personality ;)
    9. My current crew and most of the dolls on my wishlist are non-human or will have non-human characters, there are a few humans though, but they're heavily outnumbered.
      I like having a mixture and a lot of my character universes (not just the doll one) are a mixture of humans, hybrids, and other creatures.
    10. My dolls are going to be based on characters who are more or less human in appearance, so even though I love well designed ones I probably won't be getting one any time soon. The money and limitedness is a big factor in it as well.

      Well, I guess not all my characters are human, but they look close enough to it? My main OC shares half his body and mind with an underworld spirit, and I always draw him with pointed ears, but I never really considered him anything other than human. Giving a doll elven ears doesn't really slot it into the category of non human for me, probably because I don't call my eared characters elves.

      I'd love to get a Soom non-human doll though, because they're so beautifully sculpted and well designed. :aheartbea

      I don't see why anthro/nonhuman bjds should be considered another subject though. :O They're still resin and still ball jointed like normal human sculpts~
    11. I prefer non human dolls.All of my dolls are Fae of some sort even if the have normal round human ears, they are not human the are not "scaled down" the size they are is the size thier character is. Also I'm kinda weird about dolls being in scaled to each other, so them all being fae is kinda a way for me to cheat the scale issue.(even when i was a kid it bother me enough i couldnt play with Barbie and Jem dolls at the same time)
    12. I prefer humans.

      I don't identify with the obsession over super non human dolls :sorry I have no idea why I don't love them because I do love stories with a fantasy element. But in particular, Soom dolls remind me of stylized Disney characters and I can't get into them no matter how I try.

      That said I do own a Volks elf. But I took his ears off DOH! I guess the closest I get to a "non human" obsession are ghost characters and I definitely plan to make a ghost doll. I like mystery and other worldlyness in a doll but I don't want to see it dramatically etched into their mold? Does that make sense?

      I don't click on Soom links in the gallery because of this. It baffles even myself :huh?:
    13. I much, much prefer human. Can't stand elf ears at all on anything bigger than a tiny, unless they're very small and easily hidden, and I'm not much interested in anthros either. My fairy has normal human ears. That said, I have a Minifee Karsh (with elf ears) on the way, and I'm not sure yet if I'm sanding the ears down or just having him be an elf. If his hair hides the ears, I may leave them and just ignore them if I can. I have plans for a tiny with elf ears to be a water sprite, and of course my Puki Pipi has little pointy ears (but she's not an elf at all, or human either).

      I enjoy seeing other people's elves (Afras and Sapphiras are particularly cute!) and anthros as well, but I don't really like them for me. I never say never, though. Tastes evolve - I even have a vampire with visible teeth on my wishlist now, and I always hated those before.

      For some reason tinies seem to be a total exception for me. Elf ears on tinies? As long as they're small I don't mind them. I even would love faun legs for a puki at some point. But never for anything bigger.
    14. Vicemage- I don't think the original poster was in any way shape or form trying to segregate people based on preference. I think it was a question about taste. She was asking us about our personal tastes.
    15. None of my dolls are human, not one. This is just my preference of things, the fact I cannot make up any character for a human is another thing. With humans and characters for them, I find them a lot more limiting, cannot seem to do what I like with them. Most of my dolls are aliens, the elf ears being just a preference of mine, resembling humans/elves in a fashion but are not either. Any that are not are either demons (though I only have one demon, though I could count the goblins too) or anthro - some have round ears but ear shape is not a defining need for me, if I want elf but doll with perfect face is not elf then I would still get them (hey, that is what modding dolls is for). Soom's MDs are cute but are not completely to my personal tastes - I have Glati but only his body and hooves, his face and the rest of him really was not my style at all, and he's now a unicorn. Of course, naught wrong with humans either, I just cannot make characters of them.
    16. Indeed as Isenn suggested I was not trying to segregate people or dolls. I was just interested in how people felt. I know that I love the idea of dolls with hooves or horns or pointed ears and I suspected the majority of people would either like them s well or be fairly indifferent. I just thought it would be interesting to see if anyone felt strongly against them. Sorry if I have distressed or offended anyone. My question was poorly worded perhaps.

      I like the idea of buying a human body and modding it to fit your character but I would certainly be too afraid of ruining it.
    17. I never meant to imply she was, however, the question asked was:

      "Is there anyone who feels they shouldn't be included in the same category as normal dolls?"

      Which, to me at least, sounds like a similar segregation as to the "normal" dolls allowed on topic here and the various beautiful but off-topic ones that can't be posted here. Considering that there are in fact people who don't care to own or even look at "fantasy" dolls, I don't see it as a worthwhile activity to separate the different types even more than they already are, by making them an entire separate "category" unique from the existing ones. (I even have my personal doubts that splitting off the "Anthro" category from the others of similar size is a good idea.)
    18. While I think human doll characters are beautiful, most of my own characters are either non-human, or magickal-based characters. Mykal and Matthew are vampires, Arachne is an immortal, reincarnated witch, Aquido and Atlantea are from the lost city of atlantis, Joby is a werewolf, Angel is, well, an angel, and I am planning on sculpting a werewolf pup (yo sized) that actually looks like a baby werewolf. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes in this hobby.
    19. Do you mean the difference between Asian ball-jointed dolls and ...not? I think that's a bigger segregation than an in-abjd sub-category. :) Also, the question is technically a "does anyone think that..." rather than a prescriptive. Categories! They're very exciting.

      I mean, there's categories according to size, but I think what Maetria's saying here is something about an unofficial "grouping", as with anthro dolls - which I know you say you're not a fan of, but I am! I love anthro dolls, but I don't really go for tinies.

      Personal preference, et all.

      I personally love fantasy dolls. Whether one prefers fantasy over human dolls is down to what one looks for in doll-owning, probably. I like to build characters. Sometimes these characters are monsters. :)

      ...Sorry. Yeah. Fantasy dolls for the win.