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Non-slim minis?

Jun 10, 2010

    1. Could someone please give me a list of non-slim MSDs?

      Anything besides Volks is much appreciated. ^^ Thank you!
    2. The Old Kid Delves were not slim, so if you find one of those that would work. Some other non-slim minis: Leekeworld, Alice in Labyrinth, Iplehouse (they're mature, but not slim), Crobidoll (body is kind of slim but limbs are not very), Dollzone, Angelheim (stocky bodies with pecs), Angel of Dream (also mature but not slim)... I'm sure there's more, but I haven't looked at a company list recently.
    3. Angel of Dream are not slim...but their girls are very busty...and the boys are kinda big.
    4. asleep eidolon, they are non-slim compare to my minifee who is slim
    5. Most minis are not slim.
      So maybe who are the slim minis is a better question? :>

      Lati Blue

      Blue Fairys are actually quite slim too. They will fit in slim mini clothes.

      These are off top of my head.
    6. regular MSD are also Dollmore kids, Kid Delfs, Dream of doll, oh gosh it's hard to come up with them because I'm a slim mini person, except we just got 4 Dollmore kids at my house, LOL. Love 'em, but mine are to be adult anyway :D
    7. Dollzone fits the category. Their legs and butts are huge compared to my other dolls :B