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Normal or Low Dome eyes

Oct 20, 2015

    1. So do people have a preference? What's the visual difference between the 2?
    2. It totally depends on the dolls ! Some dolls can only wear low dome, otherwise it won't fit properly and there will be a gap, some dolls are perfectly fine with high dome and low dome look too flat on them. So I just prefer what's most appropriate for my doll :)
    3. For me, it is easier to position low dome eyes in a side glance. With normal or paperweighted eyes, you might have to have your dolls always look front and center, because the glass bulges out over the iris more.

      The acrylic and silicone eyes that I have are all low dome.

      Linda S.
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    4. I prefer low-domed eyes in all of my dolls, even the ones with large-anime style eye-openings.
      Most of my dolls are based on humanoid characters, humans don't have high-dome cornea like other animals do,
      so I prefer the look of low-dome eyes in most of my dolls. They fit better as well; I think mostly, it is a matter of taste.
      I wouldn't mind high-domed eyes in my cat-dolls, but I only own one and he's not very realistic so I don't mind
      if his eyes are feline-realistic or not.

      - Enzyme
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    5. thanks for the replies guys! I'm going to check out low dome eyes and see how I like them
    6. Most of my dolls have low-domed eyes simply because the high-domed ones don't fit in their eyewells without gapping. Sadly, sellers don't always state clearly whether eyes are low- or high-domed - and I think it's an important thing to know!
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    7. Thank you very much for that info. As soon as I read it, it made perfect sense to me.
    8. I prefer the look of higher domed eyes. I have a minifee Chloe, and I love the look of high domed eyes on her. Because Fairyland sculpts aren't the most realistic looking, I think the higher dome gives their stare more depth. :) That being said it really does depend on the doll, as mentioned above. Some sculpts will look better with lower domed eyes. :)
    9. low dome for sure. High dome make me dizzy ;-)
    10. Low dome all the way! They can be hard to find though as others have said. None of my dolls fit regular domes very well. I wish more places included side views of the eyes so the dome was more visible.
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    11. I find low dome are easy to find. Most high end brands have an option for low or high. Look at the urethane eyes rather than glass.