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Normal or white skin? (For LUTS)

Jun 25, 2007

    1. I'm thinking about ordering a Mini Fee ShuShu from LUTS, and I'm debating whether to get normal skin or white skin. Exactly how white is the white skin? Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much! ^^
    2. Just a suggestion - you might want to add Luts or Minifee to your title because that's the way to get the right people (people who own them) to look at your question. The colors of normal and white skin is different in every brand of doll.

      If you edit your first message, then pick Advanced (for the Advanced editor), you can edit the title.

    3. I prefer Luts normal skin, from what I've heard and seen in pics their white skin is reaaallly white. But it all boils down to personal preference, what kind of look you are going for, etc...
    4. Heh, thanks. ^^
    5. Their skin tones can vary so wildly that it's hard to even advise. I have two white dolls of theirs, currently have two normal, and have sold one normal.

      The whites are very white, yes. Sometimes they can have yellowish undertones, sometimes greenish. This doesn't bother me, as I don't have bright light in my house, so I really don't *see* any weird tints.

      Among my normals, I have one that's kind of sandy-toned and lovely, and one that's very pale and lovely. The one I sold was Barbie/Band-aid colored, to me. And I've bought brand-new sets of hands in both shades that match nothing!

      So, yeah. I'd say just go with your gut, with what appeals to you most, and if you can't decide what appeals to you most? Order away, you'll probably love whichever you get.
    6. It might help you to go to this post. A number of us did a group order thanks to the lovely tanzerse when elf ShuShu came out, and she posted pics of the shushu madness when they all arrived at her house ^^. She took a few of bw and normal skin in the same photo. There's also the Shushu database.

      I have a normal skin elf El which is pretty dark (to me, in comparison to the other three 'normal skin' dolls I have from other companies), and now a bw elf Shushu who is very white (and slightly yellow toned), but with faceups they all look beautiful to me :3.
    7. Could the LUTS white skin compare to DOD normal skin? Or is LUTS whiter than DOD?
    8. I have a normal skin DOD Sha, and my bw Shushu is definitely whiter than he is, plus he's pinker toned whereas she's more yellow. I'd take pics but my camera batteries just died ^^;;.
    9. My MNF Shushu is BW and let me tell you, despite being very gorgeous...she is quite pale. If you add a faceup with some color and some blushing, she can turn out somewhat normal, at least compared to a DOC girl she's a little lighter. Also, beware of BW...it gets dirty easily and often. My friend was doing her faceup and blushing and it was insane!! She got dirty just sitting there while we waited for the MSC to dry...we couldn't figure it out. We ended up having to redo her like more than 3 times! It was really annoying. Hope this information helps to make your decision.
    10. Luts is definitely whiter and yellower in tone, here is a comparison pic I took a couple of months ago:

    11. Thank you! That picture was very helpful. The LUTS white skin DOES look a bit yellow and lighter than the DOD normal skin.... Hmmm.... If I order makeup from LUTS, will the face look "normal?" (After the faceup is done? With the white skin?)
    12. That's been my experience too! I personally perfer the white skin, but I don't like the green or yellow "versions" that seem to come up with the Luts resin so frequently.
    13. I've got one of each skin tone, and the normal is a really nice peachy color, and the white is REALLY white, though since I've had my girl for over a year, she's a little yellowed.The only 'problem' I've head is that it's sometimes hard to take pictures of her outside, since she's so pale...she can end up looking really bright. I wouldn't have her any other way, though :3
      the white skin is kind of more dramatic, I guess, but the doll does't look too strange or unnatural, though it depends on the faceup. She could just end up looking like a really pale person. :)
      (ahh, I wrote too much, didn't I?)
    14. Yeah, I'm thinking about getting the white skin because I want both of my dolls to have similar skin tone.... (I have a DOD Twing-Key)
    15. I was worried a bit when I ordered my KD cherry in white skin- only because my friends were saying that she'll turn out green or yellow.

      But she arrived and she's perfectly white! She has no undertones at all. :3

      Though deciding between normal skin and white skin is a personal preference. If you can, photoshop a ShuShu with normal skin and the faceup you want, and then adjust to for her to have white skin and the same faceup- to see which looks better. (:
    16. Photoshop sounds like a good idea. ^^ How does that work?