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North American Dealer for Asleep Eidolon! *Dolls are in Stock!*

Feb 4, 2008

    1. *Update on 5/30* The dolls are in stock! The resin has changed, please see post #98 for a picture. If you have any questions Please PM me. For future AE updates visit our sites news section:


      Any new info on the release of AE Tinies and Boy dolls will be posted there as well as all other Mint on Card offerings. Thank you!

      *Update on 5/26: The order has shipped! The tracking number doesn't give an estimated delivery date so we are not sure just when the dolls will arrive but it will be soon. :) I decided to remove most of the older updates as they don't seem necessary anymore. If you have any questions that are not answered in this thread please PM me, thank you!

      *Update on 3/31: I decided to remove most of my original post and change it to more of a Q&A list since I am getting a lot of repeat questions. For those of you who did not read my original post before the change I was basically announcing that Mint on Card, Inc is going to be the exclusive dealer for Asleep eidolon BJD's. All other information that was posted will still be in this post.

      *Update on 3/30:
      New Tiny doll introduced! Pictures and Tiny doll measurements are on post #62.

      *Update on 3/28: Resin comparison post with pictures can be found here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3020741&postcount=105

      AE Minis Discussion Thread:

      AE Tiny Discussion Thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=204166

      Please read through this post before posting any questions! Thank you! :)

      Mint on Card, Inc Location:
      Michigan, U.S.A

      Our URL:

      Who we will will ship to:
      We ship World wide. Please note that our contract with AE is for North American sales only, however until there is a European dealer for AE or until they open an International Shop we will ship AE dolls to overseas customers. Our shop check-out is only set up for North American residents so overseas customers will need to email their orders.

      What payments we accept:
      For payment information go here:

      What we will regularly keep in stock:
      All AE dolls in Normal Skin with Face-Up.

      Special Order:
      All items available from AE that we do not keep in stock can be Special Ordered. For information on our Special Order Policy and for a list of items available for Special Order go here:

      We are not accepting pre-orders at this time for various reasons. Some items can be Special Ordered; see link above for more info.

      We do not offer layaway but may at some point in the future.

      What AE dolls include:
      Mini dolls come in a Box with 2 Pillows, Face Cover, 3 pairs of Acrylic Eyes, Stand, and 'Birth Card' which includes the dolls serial number. Tiny dolls include the same items as the minis but only include 1 pair of eyes.

      Mini dolls: $200.00 Blank, $235.00 with Face-Up.
      Tiny dolls: $165.00 Blank, $195.00 with Face-Up.

      Mini Girl doll:
      Height: 43cm
      Neck circumference: 6.8cm
      Shoulder to Neck: 5.5cm
      Chest: 16.5cm
      Waist: 12.5cm
      Hip: 18cm
      Leg Length: 20cm
      Feet: 5cm

      There is also a slightly larger chested version of the Mini Girl body. All of the measurements are the same except the chest is 17.5cm. All Mini Girl dolls come with the smaller 16.5cm chest by default. Larger chested dolls can be Special Ordered.

      Tiny doll:
      Hight: 27cm
      Head: 15cm
      Shoulder to Shoulder: 6cm
      Chest: 12.8cm
      Waist: 11.5
      Hip: 14.5
      Leg Length: 11cm
      Arm Length: 7.5
      Feet: 3.8cm

      We do not have measurements for the Boy body yet.

      Wig and Eye size:
      The minis wear size 7-8 wigs and 14mm eyes. Tiny dolls wear size 6-7 wigs, and 14mm eyes.

      Expected arrival:
      We expect our 1st order to ship out to us in late May. The 1st order includes Yara-Girl, Alice-Girl, Mo, Jiao, Jia, and Meijia. Our 2nd order will be placed immediately following the shipment of our 1st. Initially we planned on including the Boy dolls in our 2nd order, however we've have been told that the new Boy body will not be ready in time. The Boys will have to wait till our 3rd order. The 2nd order will now consist of all of the Girl minis as well as the Hana and Lotus tiny dolls. If the 1st order does in fact ship in May then the estimated shipment of the 2nd order is late July.

      Resin Comparison:
      AE doll resin comparison pictures can be found here:

      Body pictures:
      Currently we only have pictures of the Mini Girl bodies. 16.5cm chest (standard) Body:

      17.5cm chest:

      Head/Body switching:
      Heads can be switched onto a different gender body. For more information please see our Special Order Policy:

      Thanks for taking the time to read through this. Hopefully I managed to remember everything, if not I can always edit in the forgotten info! :)
    2. Pictures of Asleep Eidolon's current line-up:

      Alice (Boy)
      Alice (Girl)
      Jiao ........................................................................Chun

      Jia.................................................................................... Meijia

      Min............................................................................... Mo


      Yara (Boy) .............................................................Yara (Girl)

      Additional Pictures added on posts 21 and 22!

      ******Gender List******
      Alice- Boy or Girl
      Jiao- Girl
      Chun- Boy
      Jia- Girl
      Meijia- Girl
      Min- Boy
      Mo- Girl
      Su- Boy
      Tong- Boy
      Yara- Boy or Girl
    3. Are Yara and Alice the same sculpt with the different genders? Yea - I was not asking if they were the same, but if boy and girl Alice were the same and Yara boy and girl were the same, ^_^. But you answered that as well.
    4. No, Yara and Alice are different sculpts. Yara is available as male or female, as is Alice.
    5. Could Min, Mo and Chun be ordered as boys?
    6. Min and Chun are boys. ;) Getting Mo as a boy shouldn't be a problem.
    7. Alice, Jiao and Su are my favorites. I assume that the faceups are by the company? Does AE also make clothes, wigs, shoes or other accessories?
    8. Do the dolls already come with faceups?

      I personally have been eyeing their Yara girl for a while.
    9. When do you think you would order them for their measurments and such?
    10. Do you have nude body pictures for the boys and girls?
    11. Yes, the face-ups are by AE. Currently they only make dolls, no accessories.
    12. Yes, the dolls come with face-ups (including eyelashes), but they can be ordered blank.
    13. I plan on ordering them at the end of the month. I am going to try to get the measurements for the new body soon. Communication is slow right now due to Chinese New Year.
    14. I don't have any for the new body, AE hasn't provided me with them. I am going to try to get them ASAP but most people are on break for Chinese New Year right now.
    15. Will you only be selling to Nth America? How about overseas - specifically Australia? I've been wanting a Yara since they first appeared.
    16. Germany is waiting, too ^^ would be great to get them to europe, too.

      Are the new bodies with the double joints? And are there other skin tones?
      I would prefer all the boys, especially Yara and Meijia.
    17. I agree with Lepakka, is there any dealer for Europe too?, I´ve been waiting since the first time I read about it in the board! :fangirl:

      I´m very interested in Yara, and also maybe could buy a Meijia, can´t wait to see the new bodies. :aheartbea
    18. Do they have a website where we can see more pics?This is the first time I am seeing these cute dolls...
    19. I have an agreement with AE for North American sales, but untill there is another means for people in Europe to get these dolls I will glady sell to anyone outside of China and Tiawan.
      I have been told that the new bodies have double joints, but untill I've seen them I can't say for certain that they do. Other then normal skin the dolls are also available in white skin.
    20. They do have a website but it is entirely text, no images. They sell their dolls on Taobao; if you do a search you may find their listings.