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Sep 10, 2011

    1. A while back, I remember my mom asking me, about my dolls, "Why are all their noses the same?" I thought this was a pretty interesting observation. Most BJDs do have rather dishy noses. Personally, I like my noses with a bit of an arch, but I think they're a bit harder to find (Souldoll's Glaive is one <3). What do you guys think? How do you like your noses? Which BJD has the best nose? Let's have a discussion about noses!
    2. I am with you! I'm instantly attracted to the more unusual noses. I LOVE Soom Chrom's nose, and also Unidoll Jace's nose. And the new Souldoll RyuCine! :D

      I've recently acquired a Soom Chrom and I just LOVE his nose. I want a Unidoll Jace too, and RyuCine, and I think that the main reason I want them so much is because of their unusual noses. I'm always on the look out for noses :D
    3. I am a fan of realistic noses (I am biased as I like realistic dolls.) I do like a bit of an arch but I also like the perfect profiles so long as there's realism in their looks. I have to agree with Fiarene that Chrom has a very unique (and beautiful imo) nose. I also like Chalco's nose because though it is perfect in profile it is a little "thick" in frontal view. Generally, I do love Soom for the noses on their dolls.

      Another nose that I like is Supia Rosy. It's so cute and button like -- very different from a lot of BJDs out there. ^_^
    4. This is an interesting topic; I&#8217;ve actually kept myself from attempting to buy a Soom Dia head
      because of its nose (still tempted&#8230;but). XP I like a bit more realistic features on my mature-male dolls,
      so I like noses to be more &#8220;natural-looking.&#8221; Mostly I want them to have some volume & width
      to their shapes and not be super thin like most CP noses are (I do own two of their sculpts and
      sadly one has the hyper thin CP-nose-bridge which I curse to this day). I don&#8217;t want a behemoth
      of a nose either, but prefer them since they can be easily reshaped and modified unlike the thinner/smaller ones.
      Otherwise I&#8217;m not particularly drawn to the shape as long as they are not too thin or too small,
      because I can always modify the shape if I feel it. (:

      That said, I do own hyper-anime-ish sculpts that have the obvious ultra-thin/tiny-anime-noses,
      but those are exceptions simply because they are anime-looking-sculpts and I do love anime.

      - Enzyme
    5. I think it should be mentioned that Resinsoul has some unusual noses. Feng, Gang etc. all have quite large noses I think. I like Gang's nose, but I know they're not for everybody.
      But like Enzyme said, those big noses can be customised! :D

      I'd really like to hear about any unusual noses people have come across, other than the dolls I've already mentioned! I love noses!
    6. Yeah Chrom has a gorgeous nose :aheartbea I think Heliot's is also nice; it's got that cute imperfectness to it! As dollsoflace said, SOOM dolls in general have nice noses :)
    7. The nose is one of my favorite features! I love my Kaelin's nose because it is rather long and very sharp. The very first photo I took of him was a profile shot highlighting his pointy nose :) I would like to have a boy doll with a bigger nose but I am not collecting the realistic dolls at this point so the pickins are slim.
    8. I like a whole range of 'em. :D I love the cute perfect pointy Volks anime noses, and the stylized Dollmore needle-noses, and the hefty Dollstown noses, and the elegant Soom japanese-woodcut noses, and the beautifully-nuanced sculpture of Iplehouse noses..... This last especially; Iplehouse has some magical command over making things look fleshy, like there's cartilage under the skin, such that it makes you want to tweak the tips of their noses, even the big men. ^^

      I am especially fond of the bulbous, extremely crooked nose on my Limhwa Mano, as I've never seen another nose like it in dollydom.

      I do miss Soom's old sculptor who used to make the big weighty noses (Namu, Lazule, Spinel, that bloodline). My Namu has a nose like Andy Warhol and I love it.

      In answer to the OP's Daddy's question: Their noses often look similar because they're sculpted under the same generally-prevailing aesthetic-- and, sometimes, because they were sculpted by the same artist. Compare the noses on all your Barbies and see how much variation YOU come up with!
    9. I'm big on my doll's noses. I wouldn't buy my B & G doll until I saw it from a profile view, to make sure the nose was one that I liked... as for my AoD Yo, I modified the nose because I didn't like the way it looked.

      I prefer rounded, child-like noses, especially on a Yo. My Yo had an extremely pointed nose and it made her look older then she is supposed to be. As for my MSD, I quite like his nose... its not as round as a child's would be, but he is not a child.
    10. Wow! I'm loving this topic, because it's something I think about! I LOVE very prominent noses (that goes for on people too! maybe because I have a very prominent nose and I always liked it). Whether it be long, large, arched, wide bridged etc...those are my favorite types of noses on BJDs! Anything that stands out! That said, it seems to be extremely hard to find a BJD with a stand out nose. I for one LOVE the unidoll Jace because of the nose. And I own a Dream of Doll Camine who was basically bought on the fact that I adored his nose so much. I had a character I wanted to shell and I knew he needed a different nose and there was the Camine just looking at me saying "Take me home! Look at this awesome shnozz!" Side profile of my Camine (named Cake) is below!

      Look at that lovely nose! XD But I do like all different types of noses on BJDs, just the ones that stand out are my favorites :aheartbea
    11. I like diversity on my eyes and my mouths, but not my nose. =/ Most of the dolls I like have generic and pretty noses.

      My dream nose: Something that is not too tiny, pointed, or round. And not too flat. Maybe some of these preferences come from my own opinion of my nose. (Which I don't like too much.)

      One brand at the top of my head is DoD, except their noses look really... big from the side. xD
    12. I never noticed how big the BBB/RS Apollo nose was until I started moding an Apollo head. I never knew I could be so finicky about a nose until then. I spent so much time sanding it to try to get it smaller but with a perfect (IMO) shape. Just the slightest adjustment to the tip of the nose made the profile change so much.

      That being said I like noses that are kinda short with a little upturn like Notdoll Belladonna :)

      PS - Props for the interesting and unique topic
    13. I love all kinds of noses, but I have to agree there's not much nose variation in the bjd world. Probably because theres only so much you can do without making the nose the focus of the whole face.

      One of the main reasons I bought my LittleMonica Chloe was because I lovelovelove her big sharp nose.
      I also really love the wide flat noses like DIM has. So cute!
    14. I have lots of dolls with a variety of noses, but unless they're meant to be children, I like the big, long, and distinctive ones best, although I have a Bambicrony Isabelle with a very funny uptilted snub nose that I love on her.
    15. I like big noses and I cannot lie... you other sisters can't deny.. XD

      I like em' big and realistic. As a matter of fact I won't even so much as glance at the tiny little anime noses and dolls without noses (like Bratz dolls) kinda creep me out.

      To me Angelsdoll Michael has the most glorious honker as it's based on that giant sniffer on Tom Cruise's face. Here's mine in profile (well attempted profile. I suck at photos. XD)

    16. I think it's interesting that people are bringing up their dolls nose preferences in comparison with their 'real people' nose preferences or how they feel about their own nose :P
      I am very fond of my nose, and I think it bears a distinct similarity to Chrom's nose. Maybe that's why I like him so much :D
    17. Duskkodesh, you made me smile. :-)

      I love the noses!!! Like my husband has a thing for pretty feet...well, for me ~ it's all about the NOSE! I don't have alot of dolls at this time that can brag about their amazing nose ~ but my SNG Ryun has a pretty decent one. I only wish it were a little more....magnificent. :-)

    18. I like the bigger, wider, more distinctive noses--a lot of the time because they are more rare than the smaller, straight or ski-slope noses of most dollies.

      I own all sorts, though... Not too many of the bigger noses because there are fewer dolls with them, I think.

      More anime in style, but still a bit different-- Immortality of Soul noses-- like on my Blood, here:
    19. My absolute favorite noses are rounded and a little wide. DiM is a very good example of this kind of nose as it's common on a lot of their sculpts, especially their girls. In contrast I am absolutely not a fan of very thin, long, or sharp noses whatsoever, and a couple of my dolls were given some modifications fairly quickly upon their arrival to give them some semblance of a button nose. And when I can't get that exact shape I still prefer noses that have a "solid" substance to them with nicely sculpted nostrils.
    20. As a matter of fact, I have found myself paying more and more attention to the noses of BJD sculpts lately, to the point that I will not seriously consider a doll until I have a pretty clear view of what the face looks like in profile. And yet, I don't really know what to call the types of noses I like best, other than that they tend to be strong, straight, and defined-looking, and I immediately know them when I see them. XD;

      Some examples of my favorite noses are Soom's Idealian Hyperon, La Légende de Temps Roderich, Souldoll Chiron, Angell Studio Ty and Rone, and ... a bunch of the Iplehouse sculpts male and female, haha, as JennyNemesis mentioned already how distinctively nuanced their noses are.

      As the ultimate "test," if I can look at a doll's face from the utterly unflattering up-the-nose angle and still think the nose looks pretty fabulous, then I know that it's love, haha. (I do this all the time with my LLT Roderich, just stare at him from all sorts of strange and silly angles and marvel that he looks so good no matter what I do.)