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Not anatomically correct...

Nov 27, 2009

    1. For some reason, I think I'll chalk this up to raising scorpions, the anatomy of Soom Vesuvia's tail just...bothers me. To me it doesn't accurately represent a scorpion whether they meant it to be fantasy based or not. Are there any other parts that you guys wish were more anatomically correct? :sweat
    2. Souldoll's new brontosaurus dog...lol.
    3. Yes, head-to-shoulders/body/neck proportions, and legs especially have started to bother me,
      that darn exaggerated length of the legs. Although, I'm not bothered with proportions of
      "fantasy" dolls, for example a lot of people didn't like that SoulDoll's centaur's body didn't
      have "accurate" horse proportions. To me he is one of the coolest dolls I've seen, I can't
      wait to be able to get one! XD Proportions of more "human" dolls, do bother me a bit though,
      but only if I like them or if I would like to own them one day, otherwise it doesn't bother me how
      they look.

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    4. lol I'm assuming you are referring to the Gray sculpt :lol:
    5. I wish the girls sometimes had real girl curves and i wish the boys would have better looking penises. they do not have to be detailed but my dollzone mo's looks really pointy and awkward.- that is just on normal dolls
    6. Yes... I never noticed when I first joined the hobby but as time went by and I saw many dolls come and go I started noticing how "off" the proportions are on most dolls. :sweat

      It's a general nit-pick with me but it especially bothers me on male dolls for some reason... Like how the legs are 2/3 of the body? I tell myself it doesn't matter because they're covered by clothing most of the time but if I know it's there it'll bother me to no end. :huh:
    7. not really. i love long legs and necks, its how i draw so it appeals to me (or it appeals to me so its how i draw lol). in fact i wish more of my dolls had longer legs :\
      i personally like how the dolls are not exact...if they were srsly realistic they would cease to be dolls and become more like human models. models are not my thing...i likes dolls.
    8. Most fantasy dolls (human/animal hybrid creatures) look odd to me for one reason or another. However, I do like a few of them.
      The long necks and legs of most dolls used to bother me but not so much anymore. The only thing that still bothers me are the completely strange looking penises some dolls have. Of mine, my dollzone MSD and my Dollshe bother me the most- the dollzone's is all around weird and the dollshe's lacks anything resembling an opening. heh
    9. When I first saw the Dollmore Model male body I thought it looked very... awkward. The legs are SUPER SUPER LONG and the torso and shoulders are very strange... but hey, after buying one, it's grown on me a bit. ^^
      Also agree on the tiny-headed Souldoll doggy, and while I do think their centaur is a little strange, I think it's stylized juuust enough to where it doesn't cross the line of way-too-anatomically-incorrect. Otherwise, I think I'm fine with most proportions - they're not realistic, but they don't look completely wrong either.
    10. I'm not one to complain about long legs, but darn the Fairyland Feplees have incredibly long legs @_@ I think most of the time they look pretty and stylish, but there's always this one picture that gives you the 'wait what?' kind of feeling.
      Another thing that sometimes bugs me is the muscle definition that some bodies have. I don't mind muscle definition, but I do mind when the doll has muscles that don't exist in the human body @_@ Especially in the chest/ribcage area I've noticed. I blame my life drawing classes for that though.
    11. Boobs. Skinny bodies with giant boobs screams "fake" in my mind. I'd like to see some smaller boobies and more realistically shaped. Boobs are not orbs. It ruins the drape of the clothing and makes it weird.

      Also, really narrow shoulders with giant heads.
    12. I second monkeycancer. Boobs in BJD are often very exaggerated...... I especially hate seeing skinny girls with ultra huge boobs. It's just... not right at all. It's much better if the huge boobs are proportioned well with a "full" body also, like iplehouse's EID.

      And other thing I can't stand is....... Ultra long unnatural legs like Rosette dolls have. I like long legs, yet there has to be limitations on them. Rosette dolls legs are just...... too alienish -_-

    13. my thoughts exactly.
    14. Actually... I forget what doll it was, but they posed it in a way where the shins of the doll looked EXTREMELY long, so much so I thought the doll was missing a joint! xD;
      But at the same time, I saw a doll with more "accurate" leg proportions, it looked really off to me D:

      I know I won't be ordering a doll with super shins, but at the same time I like them being at least a little accentuated, since even real people can have sort of have long legs without being so extremely out of proportion~
    15. Dollmore Model Girls breasts. There is something SO wrong with them. It's like a train wreck, it's so terrible but you can't look away lol. My friend feels the same way. There are plenty of other things but having just been on Dollmore I was reminded about that particular doll anatomy that makes me shake my head.
    16. I don't think I've actually seen a BJD that is anatomically correct... even the ones that are more realistc are usually quite stylized in terms of the proportions and some of the body detailing. Some are worse than others (like some mucular dolls with what looks like a 12-pack, or the Bobobie 50cm doll with a very strange ribcage and breast area) but in many cases it's an obvious case of stylization, and may be what attracts people in the first place- I don't think anyone would claim that the Rosette doll bodies are even close to realistic but the people who like them obviously like the stylization the sculptors went for.

      In terms of animal parts that don't actually work or look like the real life animal counterparts, I would guess that it's a combination of stylization, engineering/jointing requirements, the doll being a "fantasy" creature and thus not needing to compare to a similar real-life animal, and plain old lack of research or familiarity with the animal in question. But if the sculptor didn't notice what was wrong, then chances are that most doll buyers won't either, unless they happen to be knowledgeable about that particular animal.
    17. Heads. Heads that look a little too big (or small) for the bodies they're on. It bugs me until I just can't look at it any more. And yeah, the skinny-Minnie girl dolls with OMGenormous breasts just make me cringe. Yes I KNOW people like that, but they don't enjoy it, and so putting it on a doll just makes me go "I~.... Don't think so.".

      However the 2/3 of the body long legs I just absolutely love. My own legs are like that, since I'm very short-torso-ed, and I enjoy the long legs on my boys.
    18. The older-style Bobobie boobs bug me so bad! They're like weird half-orbs glued on the chest, defying all reason and gravity. ^^; Also, the very prominent nipples on many male dolls are irksome, as they'll dominate almost any close-fitting top. I've been known to sand them down a tad!

      The long, long legs and super-long necks on Mecha Angels bug me when they're naked, but I have to admit that they look fantastic in clothes. I suppose it's something like real-life ultra-high-fashion models - they look strange and starved on their own, but tailored clothing hangs on their skinny frames like a dream.

      I mostly hate ginormous boobs on skinny girl dolls because it's so damned hard to tailor for them. ;P
    19. Actually I think that most doll's proportions (or at least the ones I've seen) have been alright aesthetically at least.

      I know that if we were to start comparing them to humans and looking at the accuracy, the measurements would of course be off. Why? Because normal proportions (from what I've experienced in drawing at least) tend to look off. Whenever I've tried to draw according to what "normal proportions" are, I've found myself going back to drawing slightly longer limbs and longer necks. Aesthetically, it just seems to look better than "normal proportions".

      Also, drawing long legs on figures seems to be a thing that the fashion illustration people love to do. Companies may have gotten the inspiration for their long-legged dolls from them as well.
    20. Yeah, a tiny head and too long a neck will make a dog look like one! :sweat