Not being able to find the sculpts you like in the size you want?

Dec 2, 2019

    1. sorry if there's already a thread about this subject, i might have missed it when searching.

      but anyway, is anyone else just, not able to find the right sculpts in the right size? i've spent the past year searching, and searching, and searching for sculpts and finding hardly anything! almost every sculpt i find that i like is in 1/3 scale and not 1/4, and if i do find a a company that does 1/4 sculpts in the right aesthetic, they're often too feminine or young looking or not quite hitting the right Nordic facial features...

      i'm starting to think that maybe i should switch to 1/3 scale and save myself the hassle but of course there are issues that i've already dealt with my current 1/4 girl that i would much rather not deal with again...

      i've just become really frustrated to the point that i've taken an extended break from the hobby, and i'm just not sure what to do.

      here's some questions to help lighten the mood after my little rant:

      If this is something you struggled with/do struggle with how do you deal with it?
      Did you start looking at other sizes, or did you just wait patiently for the right sculpts to come along?
      Did you change the aesthetic you were looking for?
      Ultimately, are you happy with the choices you've made?
    2. I absolutely love some of the 65-70cm+ boys, but I just cannot handle having a chunk of resin that big and heavy. I just try to concentrate on dolls that are in my size range, or look at companies like Luts with lots of size options where I could hybrid a head onto a slightly smaller body if I wanted.

      (Have you tried looking for mature 50cm bodies that might be compatable with the heads you like?)
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    3. Oh man is this an issue I struggle with, you're by no means alone. I've done a bit of a combination thing- I look at dolls in all size ranges now (i have tinies, large SDs, and msds) and grab sculpts I like regardless of size, if I like them enough (I'd recommend you look at mature tinies, some artists- mainly Russian- are making really detailed mature looking ones with the same aesthetic as realistic SDs but a more manageable size- my solar wind dolls konstantin can wear ken doll clothes but looks as mature, detailed, and structured as a venitu, more so actually). I also amended my tastes for my msd crew to be slightly more stylized than the realism I'm typically drawn to, and I found some gorgeous dolls that really have the right feel to me, even if they're not quite as structural as what I normally love. My seed dolls peabody heads are amazing examples of this, they have the exact right mood (and noses, I'm all about good noses) to them, even if theyre more stylized than my realistic tastes.

      So be patient! Do some exploring in places and sizes you perhaps didnt expect, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised, like peabody surprised me! Best of luck to you!!
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    4. I have the opposite side of the problem--I really only like 1/3 dolls in the 54-62cm range, but I love curvy girl/plus size girl dolls and most of them are in the 1/4 range! Like Legrande Doll Lidia and Lily were never cast in resin at the 1/3 size, but they were in 1/4. Summerbird Viola was 1/4 only. Seems like there were a couple more I'm not thinking of right now...and then the only chubby male doll I've ever seen was Dollsbe Pumpkin, and he's 1/6 scale! He would have been perfect if he were 62cm instead of 30cm. It's a real shame I don't care for small dolls. :(
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    5. I am in a similar but different situation too actually.
      There are many, many 1/3 dolls that I love and think that one day I may change scale or add a scale line.
      For now I'm content with 1/4 dolls, even if they aren't my first choice when it comes to aesthetics, I still like them in a different way and love the scale itself.
      I think ultimately each person would have to weigh the pro and cons and decide on the dolls they wanna get.
      I don't see myself handling 1/3 scale dolls for a long while as I just don't want to deal with bigger dolls at this stage XD
      But if you love 1/3 dolls, whatever is stopping you for getting them is something only you can change.
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    6. Sorry you're having such a hard time of it - hobbies should be fun, not frustrating. So many companies have started doing "fashion size" dolls with mature faces and bodies in recent years, though, like Iplehouse, Dollmore, Dollshe, Raccoon Doll, etc. Maybe if you link a couple of 1/3 dolls that you like, you might get lucky enough to find someone who knows of a similar sculpt in the smaller scale...?
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    7. i love the more mature aesthetics on the big dolls, but since i lot of the way i use my dolls is taking them out for photoshoots (sometimes halfway up the mountain) i find that the smaller ones just work better for me i have dolls from 3-4" to 17" and that's about as big as i'm willing to go so i just look in those sizes for dolls, and ignore the bigger ones.

      my quibble with sizes is the large jump between the "yosd" and the "msd" i find them really hard to work with sometimes since there would only be that big of a jump in real life if the smaller dolls were 5 or 6 years old at most, i think most of them look more like a 9-11 year old. i have to resort to movie tricks to get them to interact sometimes, but i love my dolls so i just deal with it.
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    8. Oh GOSH you’re not alone! I love the size of msd boy but I am struggling so hard to find more that fit my other characters that I plan to shell! The SD dolls just have such a gorgeous variety!
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    9. very glad to see i am not alone with these sculpt struggles! i very much appreciate the advice and support from you all, it's certainly helped sort out my feelings a little.

      i'm wondering if maybe... i should do both scales... i could have fun with the 1/3 scale versions of the characters while i wait for the appropriate 1/4 versions to pop up. certainly something to ponder.
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    10. I love 1/3 dolls and my collection is SD only. My problem is I only like SDs that are around 58-68cms and I find some of the dolls I really like are as 70cms + and often are difficult to hybrid for example Iplehouse EID so I always have a dilemma about this.
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    11. This only happen with bodies for me, I really want some different mature bodies for 1/4 since that is my favorite size and luckly my favorite heads are also 1/4. I do like some 1/3 but none that I find unique enough to want to change scale, the only 1/3 I really want are Tauros and Elafi.

      I don't have a variety of bodies like I want but I do like what I have, and I'm fine waiting until something else is release for new dolls or even to trade bodies between them. My aesthetic is more whatever I find pretty and traits that I always enjoy, I also create characters inspired by the sculpt so is not like I need anything specific. I find this more enjoyable than when I was trying to find sculpt to already existing characters, that was way harder and stressing. So you could say I simple changed how I enjoy the hobby lol
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    12. Yes. I like those very beautiful russian fashion dolls. They are too small for me. And too expensive.
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    13. I have this problem before too. My small apartment couldn't fit any 1/3 doll. But there's no any 1/4 sculpt that I would like enough to make my purchase at time.... Until I saw my first girl.

      So in my case I choose to wait patiently.

      I hope you find a sculpt that you are looking for soon.
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    14. I’ve struggled to find faces to fit characters I like, and also find it hard to find the aesthetic I like generally. I like certain faces & features that aren’t common in dolls. My decision was to commission an artist to make what I wanted! I’m happy with the results, not with my bank balance! :whee:
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    15. Well there are many gorgeous fantasy themed dolls in the 1/3 size that I love annnd for boys, I tend to really like the big guys because of the faces D: (I don't really enjoy much the more androgynous/feminine boys like I used to) However I prefer 1/4 size not only because it scares me less than holding a huge 60/70cm doll but also because of the prices. Because of those things, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to own a SD. But those sculpts D: I would make an exception for the fantasy bjds if I ever have that kind of money.
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    16. Yes, all the time!
      I like 30 cm dolls the best, but all the faces I like tend to be for 1/3 or slim 1/4.
      I'd love to have a HDF31 version of Ruby T.T
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    17. This should be a common problem if we can only focus on single doll size.
      Usually large dolls have a mature outlook, muscular body and heavy weight.
      I have seen many people fall in love with new dolls but struggling on the size. Get them if u really loves their faces or regret until the next release.
      Companies now give more choices as fashion doll which let you own a smaller doll with the same face & body shape, like soom, iplehouse & dollshe.
      Hope you can find your perfect doll.
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    18. I tend to have this problem with heads a lot... Like, I keep finding handsome artist heads that are just too big to fit on any SD bodies that suit my aesthetic. Over about 65cm it's impossible to find a body that isn't either disproportionately twiggy or vacuum-sealed muscular...
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    19. Oh yes, I struggle with this too!
      I really want a mature looking MSD boy with prominent cheekbones, but I can only ever find them in SD size. :(
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    20. wow, even more people with this issue! it seems this hobby isn't the kindest to us particular people... the idea @Spuggey had, to commission an artist for the right sculpt is really a great idea though.

      now that i've had a month to think since i made this post, i definitely think that i'm going to make the switch to 1/3 scale - for my tes dolls at least. in my searching for a sculpt for this one particular character i've found sculpts that are just perfect for other characters (twigling doll's elbe for almalexia, just to name one), and not to mention some great bodies.
      i'm already considering putting a doll down on layaway (i'm breaking my own personal rules here!!) so i think i can consider myself sold.
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