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Not happy with Lati Red new outfit & face-up?

Jun 16, 2008

    1. Hi, not sure this is the write section for this but I'm still a newbie and learning the ropes. But I had a question: anyone else dissapointed with Lati's new outfit choice/face up?

      I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting to order my Red Line L. I had it all planned out and had run a couple of "simulation" orders for when the basic dolls were finally back in stock yesterday and then what I had so anxiously been awaiting finally happened: the dolls were available to order again!! I was so excited! I clicked on L because that is the one I wanted and... he's not wearing the regular outfit. And.... his face up is completely different. The eyebrows are different, the lips have those little lines a lot of BJDs have which I haven't decided if I like or not and.... he just looked different. And you didn't get a choice of outfit. Why? Why? Why?

      Needless to say I wasn't 100% happy. Still ordered my guy because I wanted him but I did the custom face up and got it back to the original. Or so I hope.

      Anyone else dissapointed with the changes? Or do you guys like them?
    2. I'm quite happy with the new outfits and faceups, what I'm dissapointed is they haven't uploaded new pictures of M~haha...They will, apparently...
      I prefer the new outfits than the previous ones, and I would like to have them...however at this stage, I have to buy a basic doll in order to have the new school uniform like outfit...haha...I can't afford that at least in this ordering period.
      For the faceups, they look nice to me.
      Yeah the red line is a bit special, the default outfit is given to you no matter whether you want it or not. For the other lines, the outfits are an option and you can buy them separately at the shopping mall if you want to.
      The previous reds' default outfits are now available at the shopping mall.
    3. They are? They weren't when I ordered the doll. Let me go check it out. I might be able to add the outfit to my order!!
    4. The old outfit wasn't made very well, though it is cheap.
    5. True.
      Mine was the black suit and the pants...little dusts come off the pants and stick inside my boy's joints...I had to use a cotton bud to clean it....
    6. Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't get them then. I can always either make or buy a similar outfit for cheaper. But I LIKED the way it looked on him. Hmm, I'll have to think about it. Since I barely ordered my doll I'm sure I have plenty of time to add things to it.

      Thanks you guys for letting me know. I'd hate to pay $49 plus shipping then be completely dissapointed.
    7. I really, really love the new face-ups.

      Much more than the previous ones. The last ones were so over blushed it looked like they had a high fever.

      If I had enough money (and motivation) for Lati Red's, this would be the face-up I'd want to have. But then again, I've got a weird liking for toned down facial features. (I.e. pale lips, etc.), at the same time having a liking for darker skin... and the new orangey-blush gives them a somewhat tanned look.

      Can't say the same for the outfits though. I liked the old ones better. The new ones aren't bad, though. Just that the old ones were more interesting. =( (There is a choice of wig colour now though - which wasn't there before!)
    8. Ahaha, me too. With the exception of the super lower lashes. To me, they look less like super-makeup'd British celebrities and more like very cute boys. M still needs less blush though.
    9. I don't know. What really drew me to the Lati dolls was L's complete previous package: the face up and the choice of outfits. After waiting to order and then having him changed.... well, it could be that I'm just dissapointed and so am not giving the new face-up and clothes a fair chance. But I'm one of the few who doesn't really care for the lined lips. I think I prefer and even tone instead. And I just thought he was bwootiful!! :lol: But thats just my taste. I still can't wait to hold him in my arms!!
    10. Oh trust me, I've been saving up for a couple of months now, waiting for them to open their orders...

      I had a HUGE shock when one day, I opened up Latidoll to have my daily session of oggling at The Pretty and found him... not looking the way I left him the day before. But then I calmed down, realized that I could still buy the old outfit for a few more bucks, and decided that his new face-up fit his character much better, and made him look less girly. (And I never was particularly fond of the big, flat bushy eyebrows or x-treem pink blush). So, I'm really happy with the changes.

      Anyways, you can still change L back to the way he was before... I believe the outfit is available for $49 in the dress section, and for an extra $25 you could order a custom face-up and get most of the features back. You could maybe even request the old lips, although I heard Lati sometimes doesn't really... do what you ask them to do. (I have the old pictures of L saved, if you want them)
    11. LOL. I don't know. For some reason I liked the weird eyebrows he had before. To me the bushiness kinda made it more masculine. Though I couldn't understand why the ends got thicker and tapered off towards the nose instead of the other way around. :?

      Thank you for the offer. I have the old web page saved with all the pictures. ;) Thats how I did my research. Saved all the webpages of the dolls that were appealing to me then used them to compare the dolls. :lol: I think my computer hates me now. I've got its memory tied up with so many saved pages.

      I'm still debating if I want to get the outfit or not. $49 seems... well, I have to decide if I really want it. I need to make up my mind soon.
    12. Hope the incoming sale won't change the face-up too much... (I like his current one as it makes him less girlish)
    13. My guys, well one doll and the special (ie. free) head came today. I like the face-ups. They are a bit light/pale. They are not goth or fashion looking. Which to me is fine. I like "normal" or the natural look.
      I can always add a bit of blush to his face and lips to darken him. Its always easier to add.

      His default outfit, dary grey dress slacks with white "button" down (snaps really) shirt, black caridgan knit, and a tie. Not bad at all. I like the fact that they are not an "outfit" or costume. I can re-use these pieces to make other looks. The tie is just ribbon cut to length, It really doesn't have the weight to hang properly. But I can sew one up (or glue ;) ) real fast.