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Not knowing what kind of doll you are getting.

Nov 8, 2010

    1. Alright, so I am curious, has anyone ever got a doll that they didn't know the company of? Also, is there any way to really find out without scavenging through every single doll from every single company?

      I say this mainly because I am facing this problem and I am worried about the doll being a fake, but, then again, I don't know where to start looking or who to ask without it being a too personal topic and having the topic being, off-topic.

      Bah, anyway, opinions? err whatever discussions?
    2. Yes I have, but it really wasn't that hard to track down in the end. After you've been in the hobby a while, you learn to recognise certain companies sculptors work and from there it's just a question of working out if mods have been done before a few minutes comparing the head to photo's on the site and voila! :)

      If you post a photo here with the story behind it ending up in your hands, someone here will know what it is just on sight alone!
    3. I agree with Lulu that there are plenty of people who can help identifying a doll. There are a lot of "What's this doll?" threads in the picture request subforum (I think they are supposed to go there, but check before posting).
      If you are worried about getting a recast, DoA members have helped identifying bootlegged dolls. I'm sure they can help again.
    4. If you're not sure of the sculpt, the picture request section is bound to have people who know.
    5. Personally I wouldn't want a doll I had no clue of what it was, because I've seen it happen before here that people buy dolls without doing research and end up spending hundrerds of dollars more than the doll is worth.
      But the picture request forum is very helpful! Mysteries get solved daily there ;)
    6. I've now bought three dolls without knowing who they were. My first doll, a doll a few moths ago, and a head yesterday. I still don't know who the head is. I totally forgot to ask the person i got it from. It was really cheap and I needed something to practice faceups on.

      Edit: I found out who the head is. Yay!
    7. I guess, the least I'd really want is to know how big. That would give me some idea, at least.
    8. I'm just new still, I only joined in February, got my first doll and became active in June. So my current 11 kids came one after another pretty well.
    9. the picture request section is really useful for this. i think there was once a member posted the photo of the doll she just bought, only to find that it wasn't worth the price she paid for it. and doa members are really able to help you if you need help identifying sculpts. some are so good they can tell bootleg casts from the original, but of course the photos have to be clear enough.
    10. That makes sense. I cureently, don't need to know what my once mystery boy is, he is a LeekeWorld Vampire Tae. But I'm sure lots of people overpaid, for example I bought a doll at a con and overpaid the fullset price by $20 when he doesn't even have his original fullset