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Not so good first experiences.

Dec 5, 2010

    1. I recently got my first doll, it was a secondhand Leira from Angell-Studio. I was so excited when I took her out of the box but before i could even take off the bubble-wrap off her, her leg just popped off! It's my first doll so I'm not as experience and i kinda freaked out :sweat:sweat But anyway, the piece in the foot that the S hook holds on too broke. So my mom was able to buy some strong wire and really strong super glue and fixed it. But a couple of nights ago, i simply picked her up, and her leg broke again. Yeah the wire broke and now i have to buy new feet which isn't a big deal but it still is very upsetting to me:...( Especially because my friend got her first doll before me and she had the perfect first experience. So i guess what I would like to know is who else has had a bad-ish first experience? I'm sure there are worse ones than mine but I would still like to know. I'm sorry if this is already a topic, if so, mods, feel free to delete it :)
    2. Really, you should've contacted the company about it as soon as it happened. They probably would've replaced the part. I'm not familiar with Angell Studio dolls at all. These dolls are all very different with regard to resin, thickness of parts, stringing, construction, etc.
      I don't know how long you've had this doll but maybe you should contact the company anyway and tell them everything. Most companies will apologize and fix the mistake. Others are more like "Well, you had the doll for this long so it's your problem." But it doesn't hurt to ask!!!
    3. Me but it WASN'T the dolls fault. I just hated him on sight even after months of research and he lay in a box for about a year. I've long since sold the head though and I'm much happier for it as I got my dream dolly (granted, in a totally different gender than I had planned but it's made me love him more.)

      But I second DanceCat on you should have contacted the company. It doesn't matter if she's second hand because they should still be able to help out! C=
    4. I don't know if they realistically would, though -- I mean, she could give it a try and they might be obliging, but I wouldn't necessarily expect a company to help with an older secondhand doll. If there are problems with a just received doll from them or a dealer, then yes, absolutely. However, with dolls that are older there is no way of them knowing if the damage was a problem on their end (where they would be responsible for providing any parts free of charge) or something that happened to the doll since. You'd probably still have to pay for the replacement parts. I'm not saying don't try it, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. It's too bad that happened though.
    5. @GraceLess: Aww, I'm sorry your girl wasn't as perfect as you wanted her to be. It's the sort of chance you take when you buy second hand. Did the seller know that the hook in the foot part was damaged/ready to give out? (I would think the should have had some idea, since you say she broke right after you got her.) You should contact the seller and see if you can reach an agreement about having them reimburse you for all or part of the cost of a replacement foot.

      Try looking around the Painting, Customizing, Esthetics board, if you're really set on trying to fix her.

      I've actually purchased from Angell-Studio, they're very nice people. They do sell replacement parts, but I would think that you could even ask them if they could match the resin color of the broken part if you ship it to them. I kind of think that maybe the problem in this case is just stress over time. The Tiny body I got from them is strung with really heavy duty elastic, too heavy for a tiny, IMO, and the same might be true of their larger dolls.

      I think the important question is "Do you love her less because she isn't perfect?"
      I tried to mod the head of the first doll I ever bought... It didn't turn out the way I wanted, so I ended up buying two other heads before I got to one I was happy with. The resin match isn't perfect even though all the parts are from the same company. I honestly love this doll more for all the trouble she put me through.
    6. Thank you so much everyone! I am going to contact the company now, and then tell the seller and see if we can work things out :) Again, thank you! <3
    7. Kind of. I spent ages saving and planning my doll and when she finally arrived they'd sent me the wrong doll. :/ But I don't regret it as I love her with all my heart. It was a beautiful mistake. :)
    8. I had never had any sort of interaction with a BJD until I bought my first. So, when Dollmore sent me a second wig for free, and I decided to try it on her. I was kind of dumb to think that I was going to just put it on 1-2-3 my first time. I couldn't get it on, so I decided to put her other one on, again - but in my stupidity, I didn't make the connection right away that putting the other wig on would be no easier than this other wig...

      It took me half an hour to get it on right. Good news is that I can now get it back on 1-2-3.
    9. When I got my first girl (a BBB Sprite), I was initially disappointed. Her default face-up was way too faint-you could barely see it. And I picked her up out of the box and the elastic came undone and she fell in pieces all over the floor! It took a while to find all the little pieces. Fortunately, I'd spent several months trying to sculpt a ball-jointed doll and I knew how to restring. Later on, I went ahead and wiped the unsatisfactory face-up and did one of my own. She felt much more like my doll after that. I think you'll find that your difficulties are insurmountable and that they'll actually help you bond with your doll in time.
    10. I had a (kind of) bad first experience. My Bobobie Sprites magnets had come unstuck from the glue, so I put them back in but I did it the wrong way and had to spend a half hour trying to get one of them out, only for it to refuse to stay in. I still haven't gotten around to getting some glue to stick it back in, but her head stays together pretty well on its own.

      Fortunately it hasn't made me like her any less. :D
    11. i have some not good first ecperiences, first time i waiting my bjd, i looks like a crazy, think why he still not come,and in that time i am very sensitive of time. but then doll come all the things are all right
    12. My first doll was shipped from a company and it was the wrong skin tone and missing a faceup I'd ordered. Plus, the company was using a faceup artist that was new and got so many complaints that they stopped using that artist and stopped offering faceups afterwards!

      I had to ship the doll to someone else. The company was not sure they could get me the doll I ordered because it was a limited doll and they'd already shipped most everything out. I was feeling sick because this was my first--I was worried that I had spent so much money and had never even SEEN a BJD in person and didn't know if I would really like them... I was SO stressed out, from the time I made the payment all through the shipping and all through trying to get my order sorted out... It was HORRIBLE.

      Then the company sent a doll that someone had not picked up... it was the very LAST one they had... It had the poor faceup, but I was just happy to get a doll at all by that time, and it was white skin as I wished... I now had to try and bond, after all that!

      It took a while. I had to find the right wigs. The right eyes. I had to adjust parts of the faceup myself...

      But that all happened in 2004... and as you can see, I went on to buy many more and I still love my first one! :D