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Not Wanting The Beautiful's

Sep 20, 2008

    1. If there is a thread already like this, feel free to lock it up or possibly place this is a different catagory.

      I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a beautiful doll that takes your breathe away, but then when someone asks you if you want it, you say no because the doll just isnt for you or not your thing, no matter how beautiful.;)

      For me, its the Luts Breakaway, I think the dolls are just amazing...But I could never own one myself, they just aren't my style.

      Edit: I Dont mean just beautiful, haha. Like maybe too cute, or too tall anything that makes you not want it, even though it is a nice doll. :)
    2. Absolutely! lol Im more for the quirky looking Dolls :)
      To me they just seem like they have more personality, I guess.
      Like for instance, I Love Chiwoos Chubby wubby face, as apposed to Say the sexy-ness of El's, If that makes any sence? *_*
    3. It's the Mecha Angels for me. Gosh those dolls are gorgeous!! But they are just tooooo tall for me.
    4. Oh sure, I see a lot of over-the-top grandiose beauties out there, but I'd never want to live with one, or pay its upkeep, haha.

      I have found that there are many dolls I ooh and aah over onscreen, but would never want to own. I had to find this out the hard way, though!!

    5. I admire lots of dolls I just can't see myself owning, and not because they're "too beautiful." I tend to shell characters, and sometimes there are dolls that I adore, but aren't right for any of them. So I admire from afar. ;)
    6. I think I have a nice mix of both beauties and quirkies. There is something to be said for both types. And of course we've all seen beautiful dolls but not felt the need to own them; that's the way the world works. Admiration does not necessitate ownership. When I go to an art museum, I might enjoy the beautiful paintings on the wall, while not necessarily feeling the need to hang a copy of them on my wall at home. It's nice to just live vicariously through others' lovely possessions sometimes, and be content with the ones you have as well. :)
    7. There are many dolls that I think are just gorgeous and that I love to admire (such as Unoa). But they may not be the type of doll that I personally can "bond" with, or they may just not go well at all with my other dolls. I tend not to like owning stunningly beautiful model-type female dolls, for example, though I love how they look.

      Same for me! :lol: :|
    8. I have this with the dollshe hounds. I really love the way they look, but it wouldn't be a doll for me. I still admire him though, so maybe.... when I have the right character for him in mind, I try to buy him.
    9. I really admire Naraes but I doubt I'll ever want one. I don't even know why. And then there's a lot fo beautiful SDs that I find really beautiful and attractive but I don't want to own them.

      I think the only SD that might talk me into getting her would be a light tan Cocori - but she doesn't seem to be available any more. :(

      I also find Pukis very cute and charming but I don't think I'll ever get one because there'll always be another doll I want more.

    10. Yep, Mecha Angels and Super Gems. I adore Onyx and some of her sisters, but the size kills me also. If they would just make them in normal gem size ...
    11. It's the soom monthly dolls for me. All of them are really nice, but I don't think I will ever get one.
    12. Oh yes there are plenty of dolls i think are gorgeous (most are limited xD) but i know i could never own them, especially when i sit and think about how they would fit in and so.
    13. Definitely! Soom Beryl and Sard! I think they are awesome but they don't fit into my collection.
    14. I also would worry about my other dolls being jealous, lol! None of my dolls are particularly glamorous, they are all down-to-earth real people. So I'm not sure how a "glamour girl" would fit in.
      But I do like to look at them!
    15. Nope, I want the beautiful dolls. I like the sweet innocent gorgeous girls! :)

      I think all of my girls are beautiful, and I can't wait to get more. The more beautiful the doll is, the more I want it!
    16. I think that for me would be almost any of the dolls from Soom. Like Beryl and Sard. I love them to death, they are beautiful dolls, but even if given the money at that time to have bought them, I still would not buy them. They're majestic and poised looking to me. It gives them a spirit of the earth element to me. (Which I must say, I believe in quite well.)

      ... I'm a lightning elemental type personality. <<; I need things fast, shocking, and electrifying. Things with a magnetic pull that takes you to them and bites you once you're in range. Those are the personalities I seek in my dolls. Granted, I do have a single one that makes me think of water, calm, cool and collective. But that's only the doll's looks, his character once I get him is far from it!
    17. The soom monthly limiteds and Volks Yo Tenshis- Very very different and both which I like very much, but I would never get them, as the soom limiteds wouldn't fit in no matter how beautiful and breathtaking they are, and I in a way don't need anymore minis (except for one ^^;).
    18. The DoD's in my case. I think they're lovely, but just not my type. Though, I do love those outfits they have in the pictures!
    19. You will come to the dark side eventually. ;)

      For me its the Dollshes. I had two, once, but the bodies drove me absolutely insane. I still think their faces are too gorgeous though, and the bodies look beautiful in pictures, but owning one and trying to pose it was a nightmare lol.
    20. Mostly the tall ones... So pretty but too tall! I refuse to have a doll more than half my height!

      And sometimes I have no idea what I'll actually do with a doll... Its a very very pretty doll, but then I'm dumb as a brick on how I would want to customize it or who it will be. It like doesn't fit in to my grand scheme or something.

      Inside my psyche:
      Brain: Kax, do you have any idea what you're going to do with that one?
      Kax: ...no idea! :sweat

      ...and for the sake of my wallet, I hope I never figure out for the majority of the dolls I think are pretty. xD