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NotDoll - Doll Restock

Aug 20, 2004

    1. This thread is for posting NotDoll's new dolls as they are released. This is for dolls and doll restocks. Please post the item's name, size, price, and color. If possible, please also provide a direct link to the item.

      Please ONLY post updates to this information, rather than chat or discussion. For the News Forum posting rules, click here.
    2. New Angelica | But I'm not your maid-

      Hello- Dear Lovely you~

      New Angelica come out- ;D

      'But I'm not your maid!!!'


      + more pics here!


      Thank you so much!!!
    3. + New Little Crown, Nari-Pon Pansy & Daisy (LE)

      Hello- Dear DoA-

      New Little Crown, Nari-Pon Pansy & Daisy (LE) come out- ;D

      These wicked and cute babies want to play with you.

      This Nari-Pon it looks like many troublesome but truth is bored.

      Gift that we give to you is abundant.

      Thank you so much!!!

      more pics here-
      and Nari-Pon Crochet Outfits in stock.





    4. would these heads fit on other bodies? i tried to do a search to see neck size of the notdoll girls and couldn't find it...

      i ask because(call me strange) i'd like to have a belladonna boy. i guess i'd also like to know what resins it might match...

      thanks for any help!
    5. I remember someone selling a beauty white Lishe head on a NotDoll body. I think the bodies are quite small, and the neck thin, but you should ask someone like Ashbet who ahs both a Notdoll and a lot of other types of dolls with different resin.
    6. Resins definately do not match - the notdoll resin will make CP or any other resin look super yellow (I have cp, dod, souldoll and elfdoll resin to look at) - the closest match is DOD resin. Notdoll resin is very pale with a rosey undertone - it's hard to describe til you see it - I think it's the best white out there - any Luts doll in the notdoll resin would be my dream.

      I have the Aletheia vamp (boy, she looks really different without the extremely detailed face-up) and her neck hole will probably be too small. I'm tempted to try some switching with my El for a second though I'm pretty sure it'll look wierd - her noggin is tiny and her head has a pretty deep well for her neck to sit in.

      One thing to be aware of the body - with skinny comes skinny ankles - I've been calling it a little disability that good boots can fix (and a good restringing but I'm not ready to do that yet to her). Ashbet has full details here about the pros and cons of her experience and that definately prepared me for when I finally found my Amelia.

      Back to see what the pons look like!
    7. Hello~ Hi. How are you. guys~

      I hope you are good~

      I tell you the recent Notdoll Lab news.

      Notdoll Lab is now selling our separately unpainted heads and bodies. ^^

      All NDLC Ladies Head & Body. and ALL Nari-Pon Head & Body (No make-up)

      But If you want to doll make-up, Check the Make-up option.

      and You can ask to us - Doll's lips color or something that you want to.

      We will give a pair of glasstic eyeball by gift to all buyers during a month.

      I f you just feel free to our web site, I am really pleased.

      Always have nice days~

      Thank you so much!!!





    8. would obistu work? hmm... i guess i just need to go look at all the information i can find.
    9. *nodnod* Yep, they're definitely boots girls, I haven't found a way to wire/suede Lysandra to get around the ankle issue (although, to be fair, I've never tried her in flats).

      She's the smallest and slimmest of my SD-size-range girls, so if you're looking for a petite body, she's a good candidate. Lysandra has the "Crystal Rose White" resin, which really isn't a good match for CP BW or normalskin, it's somewhat close to recent Dollshe normalskin resin (although I don't know how that would be helpful, I'm thinking that an Afghan head would probably be a little big). I don't have a "Crystal Normal" Notdoll/AngelRegion doll to compare resin to.

      I'll try Lysandra's head on my Obitsu "White" body, I think that might not be a bad match in terms of size and resin/vinyl match -- I'll let you guys know how it goes :)

      -- A <3
    10. OK, here you go -- it's actually a perfect fit on the Obitsu "White" BJD-style body (the neck is slender but it fits just right into the neckhole, the Notdoll body neck is very slender, too), and it's a good resin match, probably better in person than in these photos.

      The Obitsu neck attachment actually works really well with the Notdoll head, they both have a slot in the neckhole rather than a round opening like CP heads. You'd have to rig the neck attachment a little (just like with any resin head on a vinyl body), but it looks like it would work quite well.




      (Sorry, Lysandra, I was obeying the will of the People!!)

      -- A :)
    11. ooo! thanks! now i just need to figure out if the boy neck hole is the same size (i was thinking of the optional boy part for the girl body so i guess really it's a flat chested girl....)

      the color of these heads are normal skin color, right? this makes me happy, because it looks like i really can have a belladonna boy. :)
    12. Lysandra is "Crystal Rose White" skintone, and the Obitsu body is "White" skintone (kind of a pinky/peachy white) -- these are definitely a good match :>

      -- A <3
    13. Never heard of her either. o_O
      I like the skin tone though, I wonder if it has the usual "don't sand the tan" issue. Eh, more than likely. XD
    14. She's cute. :) I saw her picture on gigglegeek but never on the english notdoll site 'til now. I think I remember she was always available to buy, but there was just no picture of her displayed before. I could be wrong though. :)
    15. She was the original Ligaya as just "regular Ligaya". They released Winter Ligaya when they first opened the Notdoll Lab site.
    16. Yeah there was the space for that Ligaya with nothing in it for months now. Did you guys see that you can make your own lil Naripons now? Eh how cute!
    17. She's pretty. I love her, and I must say Notdoll's artistic creations have an interesting body. It'd be cool to have a tan skin doll though... Argh! My heart says buy but my wallet says don't.