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[Notdoll Lab] Baby Peach Manjou!

Mar 26, 2009

    1. lovely size ..but I would like to see more of the body , hands and feet

      you cant see much expept the face ..which is beautiful and very cute ...but I would like more details on the body xx
    2. I think it's the Naripon body--the hands look the same.
    3. Oh that is it.. now I'm in trouble:...( She is too freaking adorable! I can see she does have the Naripon hands so I'm guessing she has that body, too. I was hoping for the Baby Yam body but I can't for the life of me resist that face!:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    4. She's cute but not "I have to get her" cute------

      Now if they bring Baby Sis Yam back, I would be right there!
    5. they are lovely, :D:D baby yam is cute to, but I am hoping on a different body, naripon is cute, but I don't like the body for this one, should be more baby like the felix brownie baby!!(perhaps the can swap? I like a notdoll head with the felix body:):)
    6. She's cute, but just doesn't do it for me. The thing I love about Naripons is they have attitude and she hasn't got it. What a shame. Also I'd prefer a smaller body for her.

      Wilkies, I don't think you could swap heads as the Felix baby has a special neck for it's special head. It's held on by magnets and not a hook.
    7. So adorable! I love her, especially the hands...!
    8. I adore her face and definitely would be interested in a smaller, chubbier body. The Brownie Baby's body would be perfect but attaching the head sounds like it would be an issue which is really too bad. I'd love to see them put this head on Baby Sister Yam's body instead and also bring Baby Sister Yam back all together! I'm really sad I missed out on that one, but I love this new baby. I'll probably be questing for a new body for her though.
    9. What a surprise !
      We can find babies everywhere now !
      They could have made a smaller body.
      But the face is beautiful.
      (I am still waiting my small confort baby !! !!!! !!!! )
    10. This little one is terribly cute, but I too have been wishing they'd rerelease Yam! I look forward to seeing more pics of Manjou though, especially of her body and joints.
    11. I dont get on much with babies LOL ..although I am waiting for my Comfort baby
      I adore my Pons ..such character ..and very styalised ..Im not sure I like the idea of a pretty head on the styalised body ..Im with Wilkies on this one

      there is a way Valli ..LOL but not for the feint hearted LOL
      I was going to mod my old doll so as she didnt have the magnet head ..so Im pretty sure it could be done

      thats why I would like to see the nude pictures of it ..just to make sure

      I saw a Yam reicently ....Denver Doll I think it was ..it tan ...she may still be available
    12. I wonder if there's any chance a Lati White body would fit.. I also would love to see if there's any way the Brownie Small Comfort Baby body would fit and if it would be a good/decent resin match. Can anyone take a picture of their Comfort Baby's neck without their head? I wonder just how difficult it would be to mod that neck to make the Peach head fit. *is being stubborn*
    13. yes DDE has a tan baby yam. I am sure I am not going to buy any baby's I do like to see them, but they should be very tiny to be a babydoll for my other dollies. Or if tinybear makes a little fairybaby in future perhaps I would buy it, but a little more character in the face would be great.
    14. I ordered Baby Peach Manjou. If she has the Naripon body, she will probably be dressed in long dresses or rompers! I also have Small Comfort on order adn I have a little Lati White Pury. So I can do comparisions when Peach and Small Comfort are here.
    15. That would be amazing, Nancy_Shroeder_Ca, I look ever forward to it:D I'm so excited to see owner pictures of Baby Peach, I really want one:aheartbea
    16. Oh Wow Nancy,I would like to see the comparision pics too,curious how they all would look togeher and I'm a Felix baby fan ;)
    17. Brownie's moccasin skin doenst matches with NDL white skin
      And you can remove the magnetic part from a brownie body easely, I've done it bevore, just unscrew a tiiiny little screw and you can get the elastic out of it and then put a hook in the elastic
    18. :D I got a shipping notice on Peach this morning! Right on time! Well, like 3 weeks and one day! Yeah NotDoll! :fangirl: :chocoberry ;)
    19. Weeeeeee!:D So happy for you, nancy_shroeder_ca! I can't wait to see her:D