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Notdoll Lab give special Christmas present to you!!!

Nov 21, 2005

    1. Hello guys~!!!

      Notdoll Lab give special Christmas present to you!!!
      Every Where, Every Doll- EMS Shipping Fee is ONLY 12.25!!!

      You buy doll and if you select inhabited area-
      A lot of delivery fares charge.

      But, ignore expensive Shipping Fee!

      Even if you buy every single doll,
      Doll price + $ 12.25 - You pay just this.

      Thank you so much!!!

      Notdoll Lab Site - http://notdolllab.com

    2. That is very special...thank you!

    3. Thanks so much, NotDoll! We always are so impressed by your customer service, this is a wonderful Christmas present, thank you :D:D:D
    4. Thank you notdoll :) Now I can have one extra reason to buy Garlic or Ginger when they appear! ;)
    5. That's so sweet. :)
    6. Dear Notdoll.... you are so wonderful to do this for us! You are amazing.

      I can't wait to see Garlic and Ginger! Notdoll Lab rocks! :D
    7. I hope they realize that this makes it very hard for me to continue saying no to Nari-pons...
    8. :o That's the greatest Christmas present. Thank you Notdoll.
    9. Thank you for such a lovely surprise!! I adore my beautiful Lysandra (Notdoll Aletheia White Vampire) and I look forward to doing more business with you!

      It's been wonderful seeing your new dolls coming out -- the "Janus" vampire and your new Ligaya are gorgeous!


      -- Andi :)
    10. Oh my. Resistance is futile now :-D
    11. ooooh, Argeia Eternity is just lovely! I haven't looked at the site in a while so i'm glad you posted, I had not even seen this lovely version :)
    12. This is really wonderful news! I've been eyeing a Nari-pon!
    13. That's so sweet! :)
    14. I'm so excited my husband just ordered my Notdoll Lady (the vampire Aletheia) who is my Xmas present! She is so beautiful I can't wait to get her!