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NotDoll Lab Lady Line general discussion

Mar 13, 2011

    1. Since NotDoll lab is making from a while a special sale for thir stunning dolls i wondering if anyone willing to discuss about them!

      I own myself an argeia,from the late summer sale,and also an eamaeth head.
      Anyone else is thinkg to get them since the special sale offer is up again?
    2. I'm very happy that Notdoll lab extedend the sale, i hope that evrryone could afford one of those dolls as are simply awesome!
    3. I agree,i hope that several people would like to discuss of the lady line over here ^^
    4. -sneaks over from waiting thread- Yay discussion! My Notdoll girl will be my first big doll so I'm pretty excited.
    5. Oh that is a great news,i bet she will have a lot of attentions!!!Do you already choosen eyes and wigs?The happy camille wigs are awesome in size for the notdoll lady ^^
    6. Thanks $abbatha for opening this discussion thread.. Notdoll are not so discussed around the forum, so it's great now we have a thread.. and sure, count me in!!
      I've a Ligaya head waiting for her body, bought with this special sale :)
    7. @$abbatha - I already have her wig shipping, but I'm not sure on eyes. I really like using Denver Doll and they carry glib acrylic eyes in the 18 mm size. Does anybody know if these look good? *goes off to search*
    8. I'm not such expert in eyes,but i do love the souldoll acrylic from Safrin doll and its looks great,aemaeth could also wear 20mm imo...belladonna and ligaya 18mm..argeia don't know..i should check if she can wear also 16mm...
    9. for belladonna i can check how my souldoll 18mm fit in my belladonna head, those eyes you mentioned have normal or hight dome?
    10. Ooh, I'm very happy to see a thread for the Notdoll Ladies! They took a bit to grow on me but I've really come to love their face sculpts (particularly Ligaya and Aletheia) and that sale has me so terribly tempted!

      I don't actually have any BJDs yet (I have a few tinies on order, but they aren't here yet) -- would any of the owners out there have any advice or thoughts on a Notdoll Lady as a first big doll? I've searched through the forum and found some box opening threads and photos, but I haven't really seen anyone talking about how well they pose, or if there are any particular quirks or difficulties to owning one?

      I did see someone mention that they're a little smaller than some other SD ladies and issues with finding clothes -- have others found that to be their experience?
    11. I'm really not sure about the dome height, it's not mentioned. But they do have really pretty colors.
    12. I have an Aemeath head and I'm going to put it on a Resinsoul SD body. I understand with a little blushing they work well together. I love the Notdoll faces, especially Aemeath, I just can't wait for her to be a whole doll (but I'm going to have to wait cuz money is tight). I want the faceup artist *Meee* to do my Aemeath's faceup. Just having the head sculpt feels great.
    13. They poses like a drem,but need to be re-stringed again since the string are definitely too tight!
      And for the clothes i found all the clothes i need from dollmore,in sd youth eve size,are perfect,if someone wants even to find some heeled feet from dollmore you can find as well heeled feet.
      I still have to string again since in that way si definitely too tight!
    14. well my souldoll eyes are higth dome and i cna check for you anyway, so you can go for he right eye size!
    15. Ahh, thank you, that's good to know about the clothes and the posing! :3

      Since I don't have any dolls yet, I don't have any experience with re-stringing, but it looks like there are plenty of tutorials out there to help with that.
    16. Well the strings default sent with the doll are honestly too short =______=.
      You can string here in two way,but it's impossible to explain without any piccies....basically hands and feet are attached to the body without using any hooks.
    17. well i can give you some little hlep as i'm going to re.-string my Belladonna shortly, i guess i can take some piccies for you, but i'm sure you'll find some very good tips browsing around ;)
    18. I want badly to get this last event..but still undecided about getting the face up or not...
    19. would you maybe try to make your own face ups? ^^
    20. GEEZZ tough task..i really wants to try with body blushing imo it's easier ^^