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NotDoll Lab Lucy 19cm 18cm dolls discussion part 1

Feb 23, 2007

    1. OK, I've bookmarked the page.
      I thought the next doll was going to be Lovely Freya, but this little girl is hard to pass up!
      Any ideas on how much the shipping would be?
      Ellen in NH

      2/24 I got a response to my inquiry - $41 shipping

      ....Mod Notes....

      This is Notdoll Lucy and other 19cm and 18cm size dolls discussion.

      Website: http://notdolllab.com/index.php

      Height | 7.5 inch (19cm)
      8 mm Eyes
      3.5 Inch wig
      Replica Licca clothes size fits well. Shoes are a Momoko, Blythe and Licca doll's shoes fits.

      Tall : 18cm
      * Circumference of the head : 9.5cm
      * Eye ball size : 6mm, 8mm
      * Width of the shoulders : 9cm
      * Circumference of the chest : 21.5cm
      * Circumference of the waist : 6.5cm
      * Circumference of the hips : 11.5cm
      * Foot size : 2cm
      Manufacturer | Aeyork
      Producer | Aeyork
      Sculpture | Aeyork

      * Tall : 18cm
      * Circumference of the head : 9.5cm
      Wig - 3 Inch
      * Eye ball size : 6mm, 8mm
      * Width of the shoulders : 9cm
      * Circumference of the chest : 21.5cm
      * Circumference of the waist : 6.5cm
      * Circumference of the hips : 11.5cm
      * Foot size : 2cm

      8 mm Eyes
      3.5 inch Wig
      Height | 7.5 inch (19cm)
      1. Replica Licca clothes size fits well. Shoes are a Momoko, Blythe and Licca doll's shoes fits.
      Manufacturer | Notdoll Lab Creation
      Sculpture | BR. J
      Producer | BR. J

      NotDoll Lab Lucy 19cm 18cm dolls discussion part 1:
    2. Help! I have no idea how to outfit my Lucy dolls. These are my first tinies (I'm much more a 1/3 scale), and their running around naked :) I have looked on websites for similar sized dolls, but most are 26cm vs. 19cm of Lucy. What kind of clothes, wigs, shoes, etc. fit them? Notdoll Lab's page doesn't have much information about her & I've searched the forum, but I didn't find much.

      Any ideas or leads would be appreciate!
    3. They can wear Only Hearts Club doll clothes and if you are in the States, then you can get them from Target :)

      edit...yep, now I can see your location is in the States
    4. A lot of Bratz clothes will work. The pants will just be long.
    5. Thanks! I ran though what Barbie clothes I had & nothing fit. Same with Jenny/Takara outfits. I also looked at Tinybear's website & she didn't currently have anything online. I will look into Only Hearts Club, I haven't heard from them before.

      Thank you everyone! :D
    6. She wears size 4 barbie wigs I believe but make sure they are stretchy since they are more likely to be closer to a 3.5 than to a 4... I think mine is in a 3.5 (from the notdoll site-- actually she's wearing the default that came with my souldoll metel, and my metel is wearing her default wig--- they're pretty tight but I like it the best)

      edit: have you tried Licca/Blythe clothing? They're a bit loose on her, but they fit a lot closer than anything barbie or skipper. Brats stuff fits pretty closely, except that pants are too long. Only hearts club stuff is awefully nice, too!
    7. Denver Doll Emporium has wigs that will fit Lucy :)
    8. Additionally, Lucy wears Tiny Betsy McCall and any of the tiny Tonner figure clothing in that same size (such as the Kickit line & Mrs. Claus' elves) A bit pricey, but can sometimes be found on the secondary mkt/ebay cheaply. She can wear tiny Madeline's things, but I don't care for the fabric. Margarita Rosa can sometimes be persuaded to make dresses (they're brilliant) and her sis, Rosa, makes fab shoes. Tiny Betsy size shoes are a perfect fit in the ready-made.
    9. Hi,
      She's WS, and to me the seams are very noticeable, even without my magnifying glass. You don't even have to see them, you feel them when you handle her, hmmmm... . I've had plastic dolls whose seams were hair-thin, hardly noticeable. I would probably try to sand them down, but even the hands have them... and y'all know how tiny her hands are. Also, I'm not sure if she has some sort of sealer that might be sanded off:(

      I was just so surprised that the price does not match the quality. I only have my two little ones but to me, I'm measurig the standard of quality by Dennis and Bobobie, he proved it with Moona and Erin:abow:

      I'll sit on this for a little while for now because I'm working on a BJD of my own, but as soon as I'm through with my project I'll see if I keep her or not. I'm a porcelain doll maker and doll makers know that seams are a no-no on a bisque doll:eusa_naug The finish on a doll, to me, is the icing on the cake.
    10. I think sanded seam lines are the exception rather than the rule. Some makers feel that the onwner can sanded the seams if they wish and others offer seam removal as an extra cost option.
    11. My Rosewhite has seams too...not that bad...but what is bothering me, and maybe its because she is my first tiny, is how loose she is...she almost folds up all the time...her headcap doesnt really stay on either..I have never tightend up strings so I guess I will have to search the "forum of knowledge" hehe
      But her little face is SOOO expressive it makes up for it...AND I found out today in Michaels that clothes that are used it scrapbooks fit her!! I will have to post a picture of her cute bibbed shorts
    12. What size wigs do Lucy's wear?
      And does anyone know where to buy them clothes?
      The site is always sold out~!
    13. She wears a 3-4, or very small fitted 4. Lati Yellow is way too big.
    14. Yep, here's my Larkspur (tanning Lolitan) in two different Tinybear wigs:[​IMG]Sungold
      Burning Oak
    15. Oh wow those are great!
      Do you guys have any idea if Lati Yellow SP. clothes might fit her?
    16. no Lucy , is much slimmer and her head is tiny next to Lati
      nice to see Larkspur again
    17. Blythe is rather large on her all over. She can wear Tonner's Tiny Betsy, tiny Anne Estelle & new Kickits outfits & shoes, though.[​IMG] This is the Tonner Kickit outfit, "Sour Apple Snap". It's got loads of mix/match pieces & was on sale at Cherished Friends this week for $19.
      I have had Blythe boots on her, though.
    18. She's home :D I'm really happy with her, wig+outfit (hah XD 1 minute fabric doodle) are both by me


      more here: *click*