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[Notdoll Lab] New Nari-Pon and Adieu Aemaeth

Jun 7, 2006

    1. Hello. Everyone~

      We updated new The 7th Nari-Pon, Lucky Clover Song & Songsong.

      A clover with four leaves is the symbol of luck.

      Song & Songsong wish you best luck!

      The 7th Nari-Pon also includes real 'A four-leaved clover certificate'

      and Adieu Aemaeth is Last sale now~

      We ask your a lot of interests and loves.

      Thank you so much. :)


    2. Hello Notdoll fans! I received my (well mine and ArcaneMuse's) Adeiu Aemath set today and I have very exciting news! There are magnets in the headcap! No more scotch tape. My Octavia is getting a complex, her two new sisters have magnets!