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Notdoll Last Sale for Ligaya

Mar 4, 2010

    1. First of all so thank you for passionate supporting to our NDLC Lady.

      The follwing is notice about our 4th doll 'Ligaya'.
      She was born on December, 2005. And she was really loved by many people.
      Thank you so much.

      But We have decided to stop online sale 'Ligaya' for some reasons.
      She will probably be acting as a contemporary artworks at national and international.
      She has been playing role as objet or picture model already.
      There will be plenty of other opportunities to meet our Ligaya at gallery or artfair.

      So this is last sale for Ligaya doll - March. 05, 2010. ~ Feb. 15, 2010.
      After this sale period passed, we will do not sell this doll any more on our site.

      And we are prepared something special gifts for you now.
      If you buy the doll in March. 05, 2010. ~ Feb. 15, 2010.


      1. 30% Save ($550.00 -> $390.00)
      2. Free EMS Shipping ($80.00 -> $0.00)
      3. Free Aletheia Head ($125.00 -> $0.00)

      You save total $365.00 in this chance.
      (1. $160.00 + 2. $80.00 + 3. $125.00 = $365.00)

      We'll do our best for the last Ligaya.

      If you have any futher question, send mail to me or do write that on NOTDOLL LAB board.
      We ask your a lot of interests and loves.

      Thank you so much for your attention.

      I got this in an email today.
      I wonder what Notdoll will be up to after trimming their line down.
    2. It seems the time sales period is wrong: it runs until April, 05.