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Notdoll Lucy Clothing What Fits Discussion

Sep 29, 2008

    1. I just received Notdoll's Lucy in the mail, and she's very different in shape and size than my other tinies. I admit that I didn't really know what to expect when I bought her, but she looked cute and was on sale. Due to her slim build, the clothes from other dolls her height would be too big. Can anyone tell me what type/size of clothing will fit her? Thanks!


      ...mod notes....

      This is a discussion for what fits NotDoll Lucy 19cm.

      Website: http://notdolllab.com/index.php

      Lucy (from NotDoll website)
      Height | 7.5 inch (19cm)
      8 mm Eyes
      3.5 Inch wig
      Replica Licca clothes size fits well. Shoes are a Momoko, Blythe and Licca doll's shoes fits.

      NotDoll Lucy Discussion Part 1:
    2. Randi, she can fit some Bratz and Barbie clothes; it just depends on how they are made. You might try the "search" option for Notdoll Lucy to get more ideas.
    3. I bought some Only Hearts Club outfits, Randi, and they're really nice looking. Plus the ones that come with boots, well the boots are lovely on Lucy. I don't know how well the pants will fit her since OHC dolls are a bit taller I think. But the skirt sets are great. They sell Only Hearts through Target, or you can look on ebay if no Target near you.
    4. My Lucy is currently wearing a Blythe dress and little Blythe sandals from Mimiwoo on ebay
    5. I've had good luck with Only hearts Club and She can wear open backed kelly dresses as shirts. Also I assume Skipper (barbies sister) clothing (if you can find it) would fit her.
    6. She can always wear Tonner's Tiny Betsy, Ann Estelle and Kickits outfits
    7. Hi~ I know this is an old topic but I just got 2 Lucys and was wondering if Bratz pants fit her... I heard they need to be hemmed shorter... not a problem. But in all other aspects, do they fit well? Or how about the skirts? I got her with 2 little bratz tank tops and they look so cute on them... I'm just trying to find some bottoms for them~!
    8. I know this post is old but I just wanted to add that she can NOT fit Madame Alexander (and similar size) if anyone was curious. I believe vintage barbie Stacie clothes will fit, may be a little loose though. She can wear Monster high skirts/shorts and shirts (if they CAN stretch). I wonder if the 8" Madeline clothes would fit...:|