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Notdoll Lucy fans alert!

Jul 22, 2006

    1. Oh, Stella! You are very evil! :lol:

      Do you think it would get boring if I only collected Lucys?
    2. I would have just said "no" but then I would have got that message that says "the message you have entered is too short", but that is what I really wanted to say. No that is.
    3. No.

      Short and sweet.

      Kind of like the tiny I just ordered. Nari-pon Ginger.

      A certain nari-pon named Moy is totally responsible for this impulsive purchase!

    4. Heh heh. Love love love Naripons. They are pure ebil.
    5. OMG
      They told me about the Kimono when I asked about them about the tan version ,in June ....
      Im sure they mentioned the tan being limmited
      then another Tan and a Kimono would be released in July .....this girl is it !
      and the new Lollitan might be the new Tan ...how could I have forgot ...well easy Im an air head

      she is bloody lovely I know that
    6. She is so cute, it makes me want two! (I just ordered a limited white version yesterday) I love her skintone and dark hair. Anyone found any other clothes that fit besides Only Heart? What about shoes?
    7. Yeah shoes! I almost want te Lolitan just for the boots!

      So I just emailed Notdoll and asked if I could change my order. Again. Oh I hope they say yes and not just want to kill me!

      I just love her violet eyes and her little boots! And Tinybear is making me a wig for her...sigh...
    8. I asked Notdoll Labs if they were going to come out with clothes and I asked about the Kimono. They said that they will have clothes next week and that they will not have the kimono for sale separately.
      Marti 8)
    9. You just kill me! I thought of doing the same thing, but I ordered my Lucy from DollnDoll... But then I like them both..oh what to do??
    10. Really! Oh Marti, you're the best! Whee, clothes that fit! Hope they make shoes, too.
    11. Ooooh! Mebbe they'll have shoes too. That's exciting, so maybe I'll be ok even if they don't want to change my order.
    12. Kill you, I'm killing myself! You don't know how I agonize over these questions! Toydogz you got the white Lucy right? Maybe you need a tan one too he he. If Notdoll does come out with clothes next week I could add on to my order for you so we could save on shipping. I'm assuming you are in the US. Let me know if you want to do that.
    13. :D guess who arrived today

      Im not going nanananana:D


      Stella Maris, I still have your wig order here , I found out out Lucy would be delivered today , so wanted to make sure the wigs fit ....good job I did
      her head is slightly bigger than I thought ...wigs already corrected
      so I will ship it all tommorow :D
      I have my little girl in a Lillica outfit , ...its a little large
      but the shoes look so good with socks :aheartbea she is suger sweet
    14. She looks great, I think I might have to put her on my wish list!
    15. "I have my little girl in a Lillica outfit"
      Does Lillica come in more than one size? Is she the same size as Jenny? I want to make sure I am looking for the right one for clothes!
    16. I havent a clue

      I think Licci is smaller , I will find the links to the buyer were I got this outfit from
    17. Really? :blush What a fun surprise to see Moy's name in here while casually browsing.

      I haven't posted her in about a hundred years; where did you see her? Was it the thread where she farted? :lol: Anyway, thanks!:D

      Edit: Oops, sorry for OTness...