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Notdoll mini discussion

Sep 9, 2006

    1. My boy arrived a week ago and I couldn't resist giving him freckles and dressing him as a girl!!
      Unfortunately I'm not keeping him but I thought I would share an owner pic here.
    2. I just got a NotDoll Peru girl yesterday. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised about the quality. I got the Crystal White skin, which is a truly lovely shade--best suited to dark colours of wigs, in my opinion. The body looks like a pretty standard child body, with a central torso joint. The wrists and ankles, though, are far more mobile than I've seen before. Most dolls have a notch that permits limited movement back and forth. These have a wide open space at both the bottom and top of the ball, which allows a far more lifelike range of movement. She stands well and is a lovely sculpt, too. The only issue I have with her is that the design of her neck joint does not permit any vertical movement, although she can turn it from side to side. All in all, I am please, though. This is a good quality doll.
    3. Is the crystal white skintone pale enough she could be albino next to other doll resins? I'm having a terrible time finding an MSD non-busty girl with white/pale skin to be my albino. I'm hoping this Peru might do the trick, she's adorable!
    4. I have a Peru girl, so I couldn't give advise on the boy body, but the girl body is a great poser, has a good quality, stands very steady, she can even slouch when standing.

      Peru could definitely be an albino. She is even white compared to my DoD DoT I-Ra, and she is really pale.

      I totally agree with Cayora in that her hands have superb mobility, the only thing that irks me is the shape of Perus hands. The right hand is ok, but the left hand is sort of flat, squished and shapeless.

      She does have limited head mobility and snaps back into a neutral position real quick. I am hoping to fix this with a bit of modding very soon though.
    5. I think if they didn't paint her lips out so far to the sides... she might not be quite so odd-looking...! Notdoll faceups are stunning, though! I always let my Notdoll girls keep theirs!

      And yes, I agree PP needs to be just a wee bit creepy to be at her best!

      Has anyone got one yet, or is it too soon?
    6. She's here! I really love her :) I had to put her eyes back in (one dot of hot glue on each and they came undone in shipping and were rolling around in her head) and I also had to hot glue suede her to get her to pose better, but, other than those couple minor things...she's amazing! I love her body...she has the most adorable little pot belly. More pics soon! Here's one.....

    7. Thanks, Lana :) The dress is an old one that came on my very first doll from Dollmore. It has been packed away and seemed just right for this girl's first outing ( we had a dolly meet yesterday and she made her debut! ) I am so pleased with her and can't wait for you to get yours, too! I am looking forward to seeing pictures from you :)
    8. I can't believe it took me so long to do this since she has been here since last Thursday :0

      I just :aheartbea her little "pot belly" and so she sits around undressed quite a bit....


      I think I will separate her fingers.

      Here is a close up of her face. Now, that I look at my pic and the one on Notdoll's site side-by-side, her make up seems quite different...lighter and "browner" vs. "gray and pink" and not as "softened" maybe (their photo looks softened, but the make up does, too)? Oh well, she's still AWESOME! I can always get a new face up some day.

    9. Here is a very quick, not so good, photo of her with my Twin Belladonnas. Posing 3 dolls perfectly for a QUICK snapshot....HA!HA!HA!...NOT easy! :)

    10. She's here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=221009

      I need to tweak her faceup a little, though. I think I can make her a little scarier. lol
    11. My Princess P 3rd arrived this week, she only took 10 days to arrive from ordering which was very quick !
      I ordered her on the strength of pics I saw here and I'm so not disappointed :)
      I love her baby mouth and her cheeks. She stands and poses perfectly - my Mum doesn't like the eyes :doh - but I do !
      I have called her Vanilla Ghost and I can't wait to dress her properly -



      I'm glad I've found some other fans of Princess P !
    12. I managed to get Vanillas eyes out no problem and had a quick try of some coloured eyes before sticking some new lashes on.
      The blue set are Dollmore glass - sweet.
      The second set are Gumdrops colour Pacific (I think) - sulky.
      And the 3rd pic back to the clear eyes with new lashes.
      Which I totally prefer :)




      Stella - hope yours arrives soon !
    13. Discuss new Notdoll Lab Bleu Citron here.

    14. *Cough*
      I'm still convinced Notdoll looked too often to this picture made by Audrey Kawasaki.
      It looks too much like the doll! XD