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Notdoll Naripon discussion Part 1

May 25, 2006

    1. Edited to add:

      I am getting Pansy!!! I am so thrilled! Thank you Dena!

      I am now on a name hunt and have gotten the list down to a few. I guess I will have to wait until I meet her - but I am leaning towards either Ghillie Wee or Ainsel Pilliwiggin.
      I am also considering Acacia Fir, Folletti Lull and Peri Wilkie.


      I am looking for any and all info on Naripons....

      I MUST MUST MUST have one. I am possessed!

      I am currently wondering about making one from parts - and how difficult that might be for a beginner. I like the idea of saving money and putting my own stamp on my doll. I am used to working small, and the face up does not intimidate me except for one thing - the lashes - is that an applied lash or paint? It is so hard to tell from the pictures.

      Any other helpful info on NAripons, ordering, etc. is VERY welcome. I have a friend living in Korea who is coming to the states next month - Would it be advantageous to have her get me the doll there and bring it in?

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    2. Hi! Naripons are so much fun. They are tiny though, so as long as you are not intimidated by littleness, why not buy the kit? If you get her from Notdoll they are really nice about sending extra stuff like elastic and sand paper. Shipping from Korea is quite expensive, so it might be worthwhile to have the doll shipped to your friend in Korea, I don't know if she is close enough to Notdoll to pick-up or even if she could. You can email them in English, they are very nice about answering questions right away. Notdoll is wonderful to deal with. I bought my Naripon from Freespritz here in the US, but I got my Aletheia (a "lady") right from them and I just ordered another yesterday! Any questions I'd be glad to try and answer, as I'm sure so many others will too.
    3. I'm planning on ordering one very soon (Pansy) with all the fixin's from Sunrise Dolls - I'm pretty sure I can't capture the nari-pon nature of their face-ups so I would prefer a professional sour-puss painter of notdoll.

      You save on shipping when you order through a US reseller (which includes Freespitiz and a few others which I can't remember the names of) though the downside is you have to wait for the reseller to put in the order then the usual wait of the company to make your doll and then the tiny wait from reseller to you. It's a process but I like the deposit idea then it gives you some time to put money aside from other things I would have bought (like craft or fabric supplies - things I already have too much of) for the tiny.

      Definately ask about production time - there might not be enough time if you order now and ship to your friend for it to arrive at your friends for the escort to the states.

      Remember to get eyes too - they use 6mm and have tape to hold on the headcap and their default wigs. For me, their default wigs seem the best on them but I think they can wear a 4" - Freespiritz and Tinybear on DoA have wigs for them. Kelly clothes are great on them as Stella Maris said - the many ways Matel humiliates their Kellies is a bonus to Nari-pons little Hulk anger.

      I'm sure there are lots of things others can tell you but I wanted to add my 2 cents from a fellow "wish she has a nari-pon"

      P.S. Love your website - very cute things!
    4. I did some searching but I didn't find anything.

      Can anyone help, how do you keep your Naripon's headcap on?!?

      I'm having trouble with Lucifer's Naripon, Pudgin, there is nothing to hold the headcap on...no magnets, no hooks, nothing!?! It just falls off!

      I tried gluing it with the temporary glue that I use for eyes, which worked for my friends Banji- his headcap kept slipping up, but it didn't work at all for Lucifer's Naripon!

      The only thing thats barely holding it on right now, is one of those little clear "rubber" bands they sell for hair, and her funny pink wig.
      She can't wear her long purple wig at all right now, it just won't stay on without velcro and the velcro interfers with the band and then the headcap falls off!

      Lucifer's very disapointed!
      Her purple wig and dress was one of the reasons he chose her, that and the fact that she came with a little stuffed dragon. ^_~
      He really wants to bring her to the next meet-up, but not if her headcap won't stay on!

      Please, any advice and/or suggestions would be much appreciated, both by me, and by Lucifer! Thanks!
    5. Well, my high tech solution for Arabella is (cue grandiose music) scotch tape. And, to appeal to your thrify side, I've had the same piece on since I got her. It works great.This is a common Naripon problem. It also used to be a common Notdoll lady problem (my old Aletheia, Octavia's head is also scotch taped). I hope you can get some in the middle of the ocean. PS I have the same Princess Pansy. She's very very very cute.
    6. Some people use a little bit of regular Aleene's Tacky Glue (available in craft stores) to hold on loose headcaps of tinies.

    7. Talk about attitude. They are NOT cooperative at all. Here is the proof! This is Priss (Priscilla) doing her best to stir up trouble.
    8. I use a tiny bit of eye putty on my head caps to keep them on.. it has been working just fine
    9. I forgot about that!
      I tried that first thing, because she came with about a pound of eye putty in her head holding her eyes in place, lol! ^_^
      Seriously! Her whole head was filled with putty! ^_^

      So I pulled some of it out on to the rim, and sort of squished her headcap into it so it would form a bond...
      but it didn't work. -_-

      Thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it, maybe I'll give the tacky glue a try first, and save the scotch tape to fall back on if all else fails! ^_^

      The other idea that I had, was to remove the eye putty, and glue her eyes in, along with a small magnet. Then, line her headcap with one of those flexible plastic magnetic sheets you can buy, trimmed to fit. Since the magnetic sheets are fairly weak, it should hold okay, but still be easy to get her headcap off if needed.

      I just don't much relish digging out all that eye putty first though, lol! ^_~
    10. Priss seems to find trouble no matter where she goes. Here I caught her in the sewing room cutting the tape measure!
      Then there was the time she tossed her cousin off the rocking horse so she could get on. No remorse on that face!
      But in an effort to redeem herself, she gave us a lovely piano recital. She is quite talented.
      Yes, pons are quite a handful but a lot of fun!
    11. the other trick is that yellow tape you can get at volks store.. it is very narrow and holds pretty well.. I have been using the eye putty on my head caps, with no problem, but then I tend to just pose them and they stay that way for a bit.
    12. Hi! I was wondering if anyone here has ever changed their Naripon's eyes? I'd really like to try it, but I have no idea how to do it or what you use to keep the eyes in? Any help would be great, thanks!!
    13. I don't have a Naripon but in general...

      1. Remove the doll's headcap - some dolls have magnetic headcaps and some have headcaps hooked to the elastic. I think Naripon headcap may be held on with practically nothing since many people use tape or a tiny glue drop to hold it on (aliphatic glue like Aleenes Tacky Glue is usually safe for that).

      2. The current eyes should be held in with reusable putty. If not you can buy Volks non-drying eye putty at Volks USA or some people have luck with Sculpey (get white or flesh color), or the putty used to tack up posters (get white, the blue can stain). Do not use something called Eye Wax sold by porcelain doll shops - it is very waxy/greasy.

      3. Remove and save the existing putty. I find small plastic tools useful - I buy plastic picks of various kinds made for cleaning between teeth (drugstore and supermarket) and trim those with a scissor. Just be careful to never poke hard inside near the edges of the eyeholes where the resin may be thin. While removing the putty the old eyes will come out - clean them and put them in a labeled bag or something.

      4. Now the hard part... getting the tiny eyes in the way you want.
      First make sure you like the eyes in the doll by dropping one into an eyehole. Then using your finger to hold the eye in from the inside, look at the doll's face and see if you like the eyes when she is wearing them. If they are ok, install them.

      Note - throughout this, be careful not to push putty out around the eye to the outside. It can gum up lashes if you have them, and can make the eye not sit well in the socket.

      I usually make a thin snake of putty and try to position it inside, a tiny bit below the bottom of the eye opening and following the curve of the bottom of the eye opening. This will act as a little shelf to help prop up the eye while you are working. After positioning hte putty snake, drop one eye into its eyehole and while looking at the front try to position the gaze. Hopefully the little putty shelf will hold it there - adjust the shelf if necessary. Start to add bits of putty over the sides and top of the eye and more over the bottom and shelf. While doing this keep checking the gaze because it will shift. If it gets totally cockeyed, remove and start over if necessary. Now do the other eye. I often like to make my doll;s eyes very slightly crosseyed so they will look at me instead of far away.

      You may get frustrated while trying to do this - just persevere!


      BTW - Anyone have an easier way?
    14. My Nari-pon's eyes were hot glued in, so I removed them by softening the glue with a hair dryer (at low heat!) It was much easier than picking away at the glue by hand :)

    15. What a great idea ...I have an Olivia head I have to change her eyes ...I HATE hot glue , cant understand why they use it ...and Ive been trying to figure out how to get the eyes out without damaging either the head ...its not mine, or the eyes *_*

      Incidently , I use white plastaciene , with very tiny eyes like the pon I make a pear shape and stick the eye on the narrow end of that , it normally holds in place untill I can get the eye in a possition I like then I press it into place
    16. My Nari-Pon Pansy arrived yesterday, and now that she's here I find I have a couple of questions, thanks in advance for any advice you can give me!

      1) I ordered her without a face up because I intend to do my own, so obviously her head and body aren't connected. Currently all her elastic is coming up out of her neck and is knotted together with a sort of semi-circular metal finding. I assume all I need to do to put her together is to undo the finding, pull all the elastic up into her head and re-knot the elastic and finding back together?

      2) I have a pair of oval flatback glass 6mm eyes for her that I bought from Kemper, but they seem to be too big to fit into the space/socket behind her eye and won't sit close enough to the actual eye hole to look right. Should I try to find another pair of eyes that do fit better? Round might fit better than oval. Notdoll was sold out when I ordered her or I would have bought from them, are their eyes shaped to fit better? Or could I sand the area in her head to reshape the space so that the eyes I have fit? Any suggestions on what you think would be the best option are greatly appreciated!
    17. 1) Yup! I actually found that the little metal clasp didn't hold terribly well, so I poked a hole in a piece of strong cardboard and used that to hold the knot up. It's been about a year, and it's held together without a problem :)

      2) I would try for the round eyes...modding eye sockets that tiny sounds kinda tricky...

      hooray for pons!
    18. Welcome to the wonderful(?) world of Naripons!

      You'll find that they have a tendency to pose themselves. Here's my Twizz adjusting her gonch, when all I was trying to do was get a picture of her new outfit.


      The queen of all that is Naripon, however, is Sher's Juniper Snowpea who has demanded her very own website here: http://emberwilde.com/JuniperSnowpea.htm

      All I can say is - good luck! :lol:
    19. Aww! Such a cute little one. Pons just seem to have so much personality.. :)
    20. Yes, they sure do!