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Notdoll releases Limited Elfdoll Rainy Sooah

Mar 24, 2007

    1. Just wondering if anyone can tell which bust she's got (large or small) from the pics on the site?


      She's really gorgeous, and I think I've convinced my mom to get her as her own first BJD (she has really been wanting a Sooah).
    2. It looks like the large bust to me. The torso joint on the small bust is lower, coming down almost to the waist on the side.

    3. Did anyone else order this or one of the 3 other Limited Elfdolls?
    4. That's a large bust all right. You can spot it from the way her chest is thrust out; the smaller bust is sculpted with the breasts 'hanging' more, and the back curvature is nowhere near as extreme.