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Notdoll - Shion and Shain

Mar 7, 2007

    1. I love these dolls they are gorgeous. I love Shions face. Im not usually sure about Not Doll lab dolls but these are fantastic!!!
    2. Wow! These are really lovely--why isn't there any information on them...?
    3. I think they're nice too. But I still can't get over how much they look like Elfdoll Red and Wu. Doesn't anyone else see it? I must say it bothers me a little.
    4. Maybe they are elfdolls...? Notdoll sells alot of different doll companies dolls...
    5. No, they aren't elfdolls I think, the manufacterer is different.

      But from what I can see, there are similarities but they don't seem to bear exact resemblance?
    6. oh i really love the faces!
    7. I see it, but I'd say wait until the pages have information on them before fully judging. As people have said, Notdoll distributes a lot of other company dolls and there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation.
    8. They really do seem to resemble red and wu a lot, which seems odd since they each resemble dolls who are both from elfdoll and are the only dolls available from their company. Has anyone ever heard of Haul Doll before?
      Hopefully once more pictures are available their differences will be more pronounced.

      In the meantime that outfit they're wearing in the pictures look pretty snazzy.
    9. Shion does look quite a bit like Wu... but I can't see enough of Shain's face to make a judgement there. I dun know, though. I'd have to see them without the outfits. ^^;

    10. definitely elfdolls (Sooah, Soah, Red, Wu). But they look to be in paler resin?
    11. Hm. Rather odd, yes?

    12. I've contacted Elfdoll. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this. :)
    13. It'd be cool if they were associated with elfdoll but it doesn't seem that way from their website, especially since they changed their names like they're a new mold or something. You'd think if they were trying to get away with something they wouldn't have soah and red's mold names on the elysium pictures though. I'm interested to see what elfdoll has to say.

      On another note, the outfits are even sweeter now that I can see the whole thing.
    14. interesting....they most definately look like elfdolls....keeping an eye on this thread, i can't wait to see what elfdoll has to say about them!
    15. I was going to say "hmm that looks like Wu I wonder if he'll have a Belladonna-mouth..."

      But since he IS Wu...oh well *waving weird ideas out of head*

      What is Haul-doll? Why are they selling Elfdoll sculpts? O_o How come they're named differently but still called Wu and Soah etc. on the images? So confused...
    16. I believe they only are customizing the dolls? On their website, the pictures they posted do have Soah, Red, Wu or Sooah on them.
    17. 0-0