Notdoll tanning Lucy!!!

Jun 24, 2006


      I knew nothing about this!!! Now she's out of stock!!! :...( If it wasn't bad enough I wanted a normal Lucy, now they release Tanning Lucy!, arghhh!!! I sure hope they restock...
    2. I love the normal one too
      I have e.mailed them and asked them if they are comming back in stock
      I will let you know what they say :)

      me thinks I will have to sell my Alice if I can get her , I only want 1 tan doll and perfere her he would make a lovely Alice :aheartbea
    3. I love Lucy (hehehe) but what the heck clothes would you put on her? I think she'd have to wear my humble crocheted shifts, unless of course, Tinybear would get one and then make lots of cute clothes for her size. Then she'd be a great purchase (hint, hint). Tinybear, the tan colors from different companies are all vastly different. You probably know that. I like the tan because it makes picture taking so much easier.
    4. :)
      I thought of all of the lovely colour wigs I can make
      and the lace outfits :D
      I dont have much of a problem with white ...but my camera :sweat wasnt cheap , and I use a light tent and pro , lights , I have had my camera kit for years as I HAD to have good pictures to sell my miniatures , and my mothers fimo dolls are bloody terrible to photograph so white is a walk in the park :D

      I do like the body on Lucy , such a lot of my tinys have the solid body , she looks as though she could be very posable , and I do prefer her to Alice - Laches , I like Laches
      but I have never bonded with the he like my other Lati

      must got that Lishe head and mu other bits and bobs sold in case she comes back in stock :)
    5. My Lucy is having a vacation at Margarita's house. Margarita has already designed a darling pink dress and also a top. I think she is working on pants too.

      Her sister Rosa is working on a pair of boots to fit Lucy.

      Valli is also working on some things.

      Lucy can wear some of Tiny Betsy's cothes too.

      So go ahead and order your Lucy - you will love her - and she will be well dressed.
    6. I am getting a Lucy. It is great to know that Valli and others are making clothes for her. I am getting some outfits for my Vampire Orientdoll So Ji from Valli. Mayby I can get matching outfits...hmmmm.
      Marti 8)
    7. You will love Valli's work. Both my Cumi and Sleeping Pury are in Valli's new summer designs today.
    8. NotDoll still havent got back to me :...(
      I always have trouble when I e.mail them ...she isnt in stock at DollnDoll either

      but I think I prefere the NotDoll version ...
    9. Thanks for the compliment Heart. Marti your outfits will be ready to go tomorrow! Matching hmmmmm...... will have to work on that.
    10. I can't wait for the new clothes. Maeve is looking forward to wearing something new.
    11. Wow! Lots o' Lucy love here! :aheartbea I so want the tanning girl! I hope I have enough $$ when she goes back in stock....if she goes back in stock! -_-
    12. there is one on Ebay now ...but I think Im gonna wait for the Notdoll to come back into stock

      I have posted over in Requests , I want to see some owner pictures of her joints and body if possible
    13. I think she has a beautiful face and nice body shape and size, I love the tan one. But I dont like the joints at all the knee and the elbow areas are too angular and unnatural as well as the areas where the different sections join in general. Jeez I really wish her body was done more beautifully she has such a beautiful face and I love the resin tone.

    14. Its official, I've fallen absolutely head over heels with the little (normal skin << >>) lucy! Does anyone know what will fit her?
    15. I got her !
      yay ! :aheartbea
    16. Which did you get tinybear the white or tan?

      Loved the tan ones face!
    17. I got the tan girl :aheartbea
      the white one is still available :daisy
    18. Where did you get the tan girl from Notdoll site or ebay?
      The tan one is beautiful!
    19. I got her from Notdoll ...I wasnt too sure I liked the DollnDoll
      Dunno maybe its me but the resin looks different
      and I just prefere the Notdoll faces :aheartbea
    20. Oh, gosh! She's lovely!! And she's back in stock?! Phht!! Of course, my car payment is due when she's restocked!! :vein So unfair...