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NotDollLab Belladonna? Opinions?

May 13, 2008

    1. Ive always loved Belladonna since the first time i layed eyes on her!
      After a few years im totally considering buying her!
      Ive never known anyone who owns her and was wondering If anyone here did and if they thought it was worth it?
    2. Personally, I can't stand Notdolls.. they all look scary/evil to me. ;_; The mouths are too elongated, fangy looking. No offense to Notdoll owners.
    3. That's what I'm taking about; there seems to be no middle ground with Notdolls. Some people intensely dislike the strange Notdoll faces and some people embrace the weirdness.
    4. @Linakauno: I know what you mean! There's no middle ground, I haven't heard one person nonchalantly say, "Yeah, they're ok..." It's either Love or Hate.

      (I personally find the lips to be unsuccessful on the sculpt, but I sort of like the huge eyes. @_@ The lips are such a turn-off, though, that I considered myself a 'hater'.)

      EDIT: Which is funny, because I went back to the website bit by bit, and eventually convinced myself that I loved the lips. And am now actually purchasing a Belladonna. Just goes to show how a doll can grow on you, I guess! <33
    5. Ah well, each to their own. (laughs)
    6. I love Notdolls! Some of my favorite sculpts, and Belladonna is just amazing. I have 2 Aletheias and one Argeia who is just a head. I also love their bodies, very nicely made and quite poseable. I would recommend them, and as others have said they provoke very specific reactions, people love them or hate them. If you love them, get one! They are fun, and quite unique.
    7. Not my type, but sort of cool? I dunno, I think they are ugly but at the same time I kind of like them anyway. As opposed to, say, CP Harang, which I find ugly and quite dislike. Notdolls have a weird ugly-cool-appeal to them.
    8. Notdoll Belladonna was the first doll I fell head over heels for. I opted to get an MSD size doll first since I was nervous about spending so much for one doll. After I got that first doll, it got soooo much easier to spend the $$...ha!ha!...I'm sure lots of you know what I'm talking about ;) Anyway, long story short, I now have twin Belladonnas and love everything about them....even after having them for a few years now. And, NOW, there is the Notdoll PRINCESS (who looks like a Baby Belladonna and, of course, I must get one).

      I will say that many photos just do not do these girls justice. It is often hard to get a great photo of their unusual faces and that is what turns a lot of people off...all the bad owner pics. If you can see one in person, you will know what I mean. I take my twins to lots of meets and people are usually quite surprised at just how beautiful they are in person.

      Go for it! You can always sell her if she is not what you expected.
    9. I don't own any, but I love seeing pics of them--I think they're neat looking, however I tend to like different or odd looking dolls. To me they are both spooky and ethereal looking.
    10. I have a sister who LOVES notdolls, she has two ligaya and Andante. If your one of those people who love them - then i'd say they are worth it. The quaility seems comparable to most other doll companies form what I can tell
    11. The quality of Notdoll IMHO is excellent, and I own dolls from many places. I am a resin addict, I admit it!
    12. I've seen several of the notdoll girls in person and I must say they are the most charming girls. I remember falling head over heels for winter eternity ligaya when she was released, then I saw one in person and she just killed my soul with love. :lol: I don't think I'd ever own one, but I would say go for the buy, as belladonna's strange, slightly hideous but loveable charm will surely win you over.

      I'm not sure where I would stand on the line. I think they are some of the ugliest dolls but that's why I love them so much!
    13. I know a lot of people feel this way, but I just don't get it. I look at my Belladonna twins and always think how beautiful they are. I guess that old cliche is true...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....;)
    14. So true, I think my girls are just lovely. Also, they have really great bodies!
    15. Yes! I love their bodies, too! I have one Belladonna that just can't seem to keep her clothes on lately...ha!ha!
    16. i can't wait to get aletheia! i wanted one recently sooooo bad when they were on sale! but i was a good girl, and ended saving the money for my bodiless head. however, i will have her soon! i think they are gorgeous.
    17. i dont have belladonna but i do have ligaya.
      i agree that notdolls are either a "love them" or "hate them" kind of thing.
      i really like their faces...however my ligaya's body has been the reason for my...almost dislike of her.
      im still very much considering selling her simply because she's an absolute horror to try to get to stand.
    18. I'm surprised ohsugar, as my girls stand pretty solidly. And I love the slouch thing they do when they are sitting.