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[NOTICE] Elfdoll Inc. Explanation

Jan 2, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi, Everyone!

      Elfdoll has been getting a lot of questions and complaints associated with changing the name contest.

      We would like to explain why we changed the contest.

      As we already explained, we received many names in only 2 days. We were anxious to avoid issues when we select the 10 finalist names for the new boy. So, we needed to create a special place to get your names officially.

      Also, we needed to promote this contest on our MySpace Group for the special party with Rainman.

      To be honest, we didn't know about the 7 day delay for posting if you are a new member in MySpace. We were sorry to find out about it later.

      Elfdoll always thinks about you and every Elfdoll customer carefully. But at this time, please understand that we can't make every customer happy. Elfdoll is doing its best for you.

      Elfdoll will select 10 names to be posted on our "www.elfdollclub.com". Your vote will select the winning name for the new boy as it does with our monthly "Photo Contest."

      This is the first time Elfdoll has tried this type of special promotion. We ask for your understanding as we learn how to organize it. We promise to learn from the mistakes we have made.


      Elfdoll Inc.

      [Elfdoll Group]

      Dollyworld by Rainman : http://www.myspace.com/myelfdoll
      Dollyworld by Rainman : http://groups.myspace.com/elfdoll
    2. Can you extend the date past the 10th? I just found out about the contest but the 7 day delay on myspace will mean I can't post the name. I had already emailed you the name. thank you.
    3. In looking through the MySpace group when I went to post my name, it would seem that Ms Connie has posted many entries from people in exactly the same situation. Perhaps you can direct your entry to her and ask that she post it on your behalf.