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Publication [NOTICE] It is not Rainman's dolls!!!

Jun 24, 2008

    1. Hi Everybody

      This is Ms.Cholong who is the foreign trade manager of Elfdoll.

      Today I should notice the horrible NEWS with my sad mind.

      Some E-bay company who is called Lolidoll is using Rainman's name on their sales.

      Elfdoll notices this doll is not associated with Elfdoll & Rainman at all.

      Moreover, this company copied the Elfdoll body.
      The bad thing, even though we knew about this bad issue now, our Elfdoll couldn’t sue with that issue because they are the foreign company. Especially, even though we have the copy right in the Korea, they are the Chinese company, so we couldn't handle with that.

      Please don't confuse about that, and please save Rainman's reputation with your mind.
      You know how wonderful Artist "Rainman is".

      Elfdoll wants to get your hands with this sad issue.

      Thanks a lot to read my notice.


      Foreign Trade Manager
      Artmaze USA Inc.
      Tell: 1 818-507-6936
      Fax: 1 818-507-7426