ReRelease [Notice] Limited quantity 'Gloomy Yuria-Blueming' will be released!

Nov 10, 2020

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      Hello, This is Littlemonica :D

      With the renewal of the official image of Yuria on November 13,
      Gloomy yuria-Blueming will be released with the main limited quantity product.
      The Gloomy Yuria-Blueming product was produced with a luxurious and elegant concept,
      as if it were blue image.

      Those product will be sold wig, outfit, and shoes in full set with a doll.
      (Wigs, costumes, and shoes are not sold separately.
      Please refer to the fact that only the main body and the full composition are available.)

      The outfit is a collaboration product with 'VIVIYA' and
      we prepared a pretty and high-quality outfit, so please pay attention to it.
      For more information, we will inform you through the announcement on the day of release,
      so please refer to it and look forward to it.

      Thank you.
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