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[NOTICE] Name the new boy on Elfdoll's MySpace Group

Jan 1, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi, Everyone!

      First of all, Elfdoll really thanks you for your wonderful names.

      Actually we didn't expect to get so many enthusiastic responses from you and all BJD collectors. We appreciate you for that.

      But, unfortunately, we are getting an uncountable number of names. We think it would be hard to decide the name offically. We have already gotten over 400 names for our new boy.
      So, finally, we have decided to ask you to post your name suggestions on our MySpace group.

      We want to apologize if this makes you feel uncomfortable.

      1. Please join our MySpace Group.
      (1) Group URL: http://groups.myspace.com/elfdoll
      (2) Try to join as our group member.
      You can get various stories about Rainman's art and the latest Elfdoll News quickly and automatically from Elfdoll Inc.
      (3) If you request to be a friend, you can ask about anything associated with Rainman or Elfdoll Inc. Ms.Cholong who is the elfdoll's group manager will make a friendly response.

      2. Post your name for our new boy.
      (1) Find the Topic about "[Notice] The Contest - Give him your heart ...and a name"
      (2) Make your "REPLY" on this topic.
      (3) This must be included;
      - Your Full Name
      - Your MySpace user name
      - Your Name for New Boy
      - The meaning of the name
      - Please explain why you suggest this name

      # Each person can submit one name for the New Boy.

      # The due date is 10th January, 2007 (9pm PST)

      # If we get any problems with the names, we will go by the timing of the emails we've already received.
      For example, if someone makes a complaint about a copied name, whoever sent the name in first via EMAIL will win.

      # Even though you already made your name for the new boy via email, you need to post it on our MySpace Group again.

      In the long run, Elfdoll has a plan for an Elfdoll Party with Rainman attending in person. So, we need to create a group of truly interested collectors. Please BE a MEMBER of our MySpace group"Dollyworld by Rainman".

      Should you have any qeustions, email Ms.Cholong. elfdoll_manager@hotmail.com
      She will support you with her best.

      Elfdoll Inc.

      [Elfdoll Group]

      Dollyworld by Rainman : http://www.myspace.com/myelfdoll
      Dollyworld by Rainman : http://groups.myspace.com/elfdoll
    2. I asked elsewhere but .. does this mean the e-mails don't count and we have to submit all over again?

    3. I would like to know this as well. I don't have a myspace account and would rather not join just to be able to submit a name. :|
    4. I just heard on another board that Yes, you have to register and join MySpace.. I won't do that either.

    5. Okay, so I joined myspace, but it says I can't reply to any threads until I've had the account seven days. I'm worried, because what if someone submits my name while I'm waiting for the account to work? Even if I sent the email first, if they can post, they'll win!

      Is there any way I can have someone else post it for me, with my name and stuff? Is that okay?
    6. The contest ends the 10th of January, even is you joined myspace today or tommorow you could make a post in time.

      They also said if someone posted a duplicate name whoever emailed them first with the name would win.
    7. what exactly is the myspace username? Your email or the name that's at the end of your myspace URL?
    8. I just read, there is a rule, not to chat on the news threads. I'll continue the conversation with anyone on the other thread. Den of Angels > Size Specific BJD Discussion > Larger Dolls
      Elfdoll new larger boy naming comp discussion
    9. We're all aware of the rule and at least one mod has been to the thread since this started. It might have been left in hopes that Elfdoll would actually SEE it.

      But who knows. Maybe they just don't have time to move it.

      The discussion thread is over here, by the way. Links are always a plus.
    10. Quote form the announcement-The winner will get one FREE new boy from Elfdoll Inc. *** Should you have any questions email Ms.Cholong. She will support you with her best. Elfdoll Inc. www.elfdoll.com / www.elfdollclub.com