New Doll [Notice] schedule in releasing Basic Little Harmony 'Tommy’ !

Sep 23, 2019

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      Hello, this is Little Monica. :)

      We are pleased to release new Basic Little Harmony Boy "Tommy" on 4 pm, 26 Sep.
      Detailed information will be opened at the same time with this release.
      Please look forward to seeing this wonderful new one.

      Thanks a lot.
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      [New] Release of Basic Little Harmony “Tommy” with 10% discount for full doll!

      Hello, this is Little Monica.:)

      Today new basic Little Harmony ‘Tommy’ is released.

      We are looking forward your interest to “Tommy” who has the images in high quality and the cute than the existing one.

      To celebrate this release, 10% discount event for full doll is proceeded as following.
      Full doll discount event period: 16:00 , 26 Sep 2019 ~ 18:00 , 10 Oct 2019 (KST)
      Discounted: 270USD -> 243USD (10% discount)

      Rosetta released today will keep sold as the basic line.
      We are looking forward your interest and love to this.

      Thank you.