New Doll [Notice] schedule in releasing Special Harmony ‘Innocent Sarubia’ and ‘Gloomy Sarubia’

Dec 3, 2018

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      Hello, this is Little Monica. :D

      Starting of cold Winter season in 2018, re-release of ‘Gloomy Sarubia’ what you are looking for,
      release of ‘Special Harmony Innocent Sarubia’ will be done.

      Along with the release of Innocent Sarubia, special outfit and wig are prepared as pre-order basis.
      Head part only is also available in discounted price of this Winter event.

      We look forward to your interesting and love for this and Winter discount event.

      Thanks a lot.

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    2. Will Gloomy Sarubia be available for head only purchase?
    3. Will/does this sculpt have an elf-ear head sculpt now or coming soon?
    4. I'm very sorry, but purchasing in head part only of Gloomy Sarubia is not available. ;_;
    5. Hello, We do not have any plan to manufacture the elf-ears sarubia you questioned.
      Therefore we could not tell the date of its release. We will refer your idea into our next planning.
      Thanks a lot for your interesting.
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      [New] Re-release of ‘Special Harmony Gloomy Sarubia’ and the release of ‘Innocent Sarubia’.

      Hello, this is Little Monica. :)

      Today lovely ‘Gloomy Sarubia’, customized version of ‘Sarubia’ is re-released.
      New custom head, Innocent Sarubia is also released.

      Purchasing in head part only of Gloomy Sarubia is not available,
      But head part only of ‘Innocent Sarubia’ is available to celebrate its release.

      Selling of both Gloomy Sarubia and Innocent Sarubia are only available in
      16:00(KST) 5 December ~ 16:00(KST) 26 December 2018.

      In celebrating the release of ‘Innocent Sarubia’, specially prepared dress ‘Fragrance’
      and new wig ‘Clover’ will be available as pre-order basis.

      This outfit is compatible to sizes for both Grace Harmony and Harmony.

      Limited selling period: 16:00(KST) 5 December ~ 16:00(KST) 26 December 2018.

      ‘Innocent Sarubia’ and ‘Gloomy Sarubia’ can be purchased in 15% discounted price for full doll.

      Thanks a lot.