Limited Items [Notice] Schedule to release Halloween special 'Gloomy Little Sophia', 'Sweet Little Sarubia' !

Oct 22, 2019

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      Hello, this is Little Monica. :)

      In congratulation of Halloween, Special Little Harmony in new appearance will be released on 16:00(KST), 24 October 2019.
      This Halloween special products will only be sold by either full doll or full set.

      We will also have surprised Halloween event for customers who purchases these products.
      Detailed information will be opened along with the release of products.

      We look forward to have your support and interest to this event.

      Thank you.
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    2. Will the clothing be limited or will everyone who buys a fullset be able to get one?
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      [NEW] Release of Halloween special Harmony 'Gloomy Little Sophia', 'Sweet Little Sarubia'
      with 10% discount for full doll !

      Hello ~ This is Little Monica. : )

      On this wonderful Halloween day, existing special products Gloomy Little Sophia, Sweet Little Sarubia are released
      at the same time in new appearance.

      This Halloween special products Gloomy Little Sophia, Sweet Little Sarubia will be sold in following period only.
      16:00(KST) 24 October 2019 ~ 18:00(KST) 12 November

      ‘Red moonlight’ and ‘Blue Moonlight’ which are custom version of existing Moonlit sky outfit are released as limited product in this period only.
      These outfits are proceeded as advance ordering. We look forward your interesting to this.

      Limited selling period: 16:00(KST) 24 October 2019 ~ 18:00(KST) 12 November

      The head of these Halloween products are not sold separately. But we provide 10% discount event in full doll purchasing.


      Thank you.
    4. This outfit is sold as period-limited. Sale of this will be stopped on 12 November.
      This will not be released again after stopped.

      Please kindly note that this outfit is only fitted into Little Harmony of Little Monica. :XD: