ReRelease [Notice] Special Harmony Innocent Roselyn, Roselyn:Symphony to be released!

Dec 2, 2020

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      Hello, we're Little Monica! ^^

      On December 04th, Roselyn, which many customers loved,
      will be released as a limited new version of the product.

      In the meantime, Innocent Roselyn, who has had a lot of inquiries, and Roselyn:Symphony,
      which is a slightly open-mouthed form of Roselyn type, will be released together.
      Roselyn:Symphony is open mouse custom, except for the mouth is the same as Basic Roselyn.

      The outfit is a collaboration product with 'VIVIYA' and we prepared a pretty and high-quality outfit, so please pay attention to it.

      This product is a limited time product and you can purchase head parts separately.
      Also, the winter discount event will be applied to all of these limited products, so please pay a lot of attention to them.

      For more information, we will be announcing the release on December 04th, so please refer to this.

      Thank you.

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    2. Is the open eyes head in the promo pic Symphony Roselyn? What skin colour will she be released with?
    3. Hello, This is Littlemonica :D
      Roselyn:symphony product is a head that has customised only the mouth of Basic Roseline.
      All but the mouth are the same as Basic roseline.
      Also, there will be no special skin event this winter, so please refer to this and you can choose between normal skin and white skin.
      Please check the website for more information
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