Limited Items [NOTICE] Upcoming release of 2019 special skin

Nov 21, 2019

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      Hello, this is Little Monica. :)

      On this coming 25 November, special skins, “Soft Choco” and “Snow Purple” will be released.

      Innocent Sophia and Innocent Enrill which will be released on December could be purchased with these special skins.

      These special skins will be exhibited on off-line exhibitions held on Seoul and Busan this December.

      Special face-up with Soft Choco skin as exhibition limited product will also be prepared.

      Please kindly note that these special skins will not be released again later than 2019.

      Detail information for these special skins will be unveiled on 25 November.

      We look forward to have your interest and love for these special skins.

      Thank you.
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      [EVENT] Release of ‘Snow Purple’ and ‘Soft Choco’, limited skins on 2019 !

      Hello, this is Little Monica. :)

      On this wonderful winter season in 2019, we have prepared 2 new skins such as ‘Soft Choco’ and “Snow purple’.

      Please find details for them on following link.

      2019 Special skin Notice

      These skins are expected to be exhibited in all exhibitions held on December 2019.

      Small quantity of these will be prepared in special face-up.

      All of December limited products are also prepared as new skins in 2019. We look forward to have your love and interest for these.

      Please kindly note that this special limited skin in 2019 will not be released again.

      Special skin sale period : 14:00 25 th NOV 2019 - 18:00 30 th DEC 2019

      Thank you.