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Update [NOTICE] Vampire Red & New Rainy Boy's shipping date

Jul 23, 2008

    1. [NOTICE] Vampire Red & New Rainy Boy's shipping date

      Hello, This is Ms.Cholong who is the Foreign Trade of Manager of Elfdoll

      Today, I have to let you know about the shipping schedule of Vampire Red and New Rainy Boy:doh.

      We had several poor conditions to make their shipment on time.:...(
      - Poor Weather Condition to produce the doll in the Korea
      - Moving the Elfdoll Head office to the new place in the korea

      Also, nowadays, we should ship all together because of the huge gas price with shipping. So, we decide to ship Vampire Red and New Rainy Boys all together on 4th August from the korea.
      In the case of Rainy Boy dolls, they are already in warehouse. But some of dolls need to get the new body part to be the perfect doll. So, our USA warehouse & USA showroom are still waiting to get the big shipment from the korea. And, we couldn't ship these dolls to our USA and Canadian Retailers yet.

      We are really sorry to make you waiting for our dolls.

      By the way, at this time, we add the special Elfdoll notebook for you. We hope you are happy with that.

      Please give us your forgiveness about that, and hold your patient for us a little bit more.:aheartbea

      Sorry again, and if you have any questions, please email me or call me.

      We will do our best for you.


      Foreign Trade Manager
      Artmaze USA Inc.
      Tell: 1 818-507-6936
      Fax: 1 818-507-7426