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Nov Pre-order of SELEN'S doll stands from A+B Co-op

Nov 10, 2009

    1. A+B Co-op are now helding November Group order for SELEN'S Doll stands~
      For details please read the Group order post in our blog~
      November Group order for SELEN'S doll stands

      We are now accepting orders for a large variety of SELEN'S doll stands, including the wooden base saddle type as well as newer products such as the twin-doll stand!
      Some products that can only be bought from doll events in Japan like Doll stands for SD16/17 size dolls are also available for order!

      We are now also offering a limited number of stocks for sell too~
      For details please read the Available stocks post in our blog:
      Available stocks for sell post

      Should you have any questions, or want any further details, please send us an email with no hesitation~

      Thank you very much for your interest in SELEN'S doll stands and A+B Co-op~

      A+B Co-op
      Blog: http://anbcoop09.blog47.fc2.com/
      Email: anbcoop09@gmail.com