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Now, Dollzone problems, as well.

Jul 13, 2008

    1. This theard is something like a continuation of this one. But since I have a problem with Dollzone and not just with Dollzone Spain, I decided to open it.

      I need help. I really, really need help. I can never handle such a situation by myself.

      In my fist theard, I wrote about my big problems with Dollzone Spain. They are still not solved, the dealer ignores me now.

      But I never thought I would be ignored by Dollzone, as well. They do completely ignore me. The situation is just bizarre.

      I wrote to Dollzone about my problems with Dollzone Spain. I said that the dealer mady a lot of mistakes and treated me really bad. I said that after 4 month I still have no doll.

      On 2nd July, I got an answer:

      i already contact that dealer , i let them send doll to you again ,

      maybe you address not right so first time send to you you not recived , so back to them shop .

      if you not pay them freight that ok. we are company help you pay .

      please let dealer know ,let them send doll to you !

      about this problem we are so sorry !

      thank you for your love dollzone dolls !

      best regards

      sunny "

      I was so happy and I thought that the situation was solved. I wrote to the spanish dealer - he, however, said, that Dollzone wrote to him and told that I should pay for the package, again. I sent to him this letter.

      He ignored me. I was worried and sent Dollzone another letter - they said to me, that they tell the spanish dealer that I should not pay for the package.

      Anf then they began to ignore me.

      It was strange - I sent a few E-Mails to Dollzone Spain - the dealer ignored them. Then, I sent a few to Dollzone - they all came back. I thought it was creepy and sent the e-mails from another account on another website.
      They were never replied.

      Then, a russian community offered me their help. The administrator wrote to Dollzone - she wanted to order something, but she also told them about my problem. Sunny replied, but he ignored everything she told about me.

      Now, I don't know what to do.
      Dollzone offered me their help. They said they would solve the problem. And now they are just ignoring me. I was never treated so bad. I just don't understand why are they doing this to me.

      I'm tired and I cried a lot. I have no idea of what I should do. I never thought Dollzone would behave like that.
    2. By this point, rather than trying to get your doll, your best bet may just be to demand your money back -- All of it. It seems like it's already escalated to a point where even if the doll is finally shipped properly, you would have even more of a wait ahead of you, and it may always be a reminder of all the stress you went through. You might try getting your money back now and seeing if you can't get your doll from another trustworthy owner, and start fresh.
    3. I would be raising cain at this point, getting people on the phone, writing to all dollzone staff to get things straightened out, etc... I agree with Septunie, demand your money back asap. I hope things become better dear.
    4. whoa DZ screw up my tan yuu face up, so i got kathy to talk to them, and they agree to fix it...but that is really strange, get your money back!

      P.S. it seem the communication is the issue with DZ, so keep it simple and CLEAR, maybe that'll help.
    5. It may be difficult for you to get your money back after this much time, but you can still try. How did you pay? If it's by credit card, call the credit card company and explain the situation: That you paid for an item several months ago and have still not received it.

      If you paid by paypal you can do the same. They are changing a lot of policies right now, so I am not sure what they will tell you.

      In any case, good luck. The dealer here is at fault, and I hope other people don't order from him/her.

    6. go for a refund now- this is strange as they were fantastic with me when dollzone spain messed up. I wonder if it is transaltion issues, just not quite understanding each other.

      all the best with this
    7. My boy's already there! ^_______^

      He came yestarday... I still have no idea why Dollzone ignored everything I wrote to them, but I am so relieved now.
    8. Congrats! I'm so happy to hear it! ^_^