Noyadoll banned from DoA

Aug 15, 2020

    1. Atelier Enaibi has alleged that her Briseis doll body was copied by Noyadoll to make one of his doll bodies. Den of Angels staff was informed of this situation by moderators on Materiel Celeste.

      Enaibi provided a photo to Materiel Celeste, which was also provided to us, which compares the two dolls:


      Noya responded to Materiel Celeste and provided information via his blog.

      .: Brouillard

      A few notes;
      -Noya's responses are directly addressed to and referencing MC staff.
      -His responses are public, and so we have used them for our review purposes.
      -This blog is in French. We have used Google Translate to translate these pages, and taken screenshots of both for posterity.

    2. .: L'amer me tue

      (Please note -- there appears to have been a glitch with the translation software, which has resulted in a section of the text repeating a few times, but we have decided to leave it as-is, rather than edit any portion of these screenshots)


      After review and comparison of the available photos and statements regarding this matter, Den of Angels staff has concluded that we believe Noya 3D scanned a Briseis body to modify for his own works. On his blog posts refuting the accusation, Noya claimed that he did not copy or recast anything.
      DoA staff does not see enough proof to show that the parts were legitimately made completely from scratch. Noya had at one point owned a Briseis, which would have given him access to the body, and he specifically stated that he was 'inspired' by Enaibi. Additionally, the translation we obtained of his blog has a strange section:
      "I worked as indicated on the previous post in 3D as much as I could, corrected by hand, printed many parts to better see what I was doing and precisely avoid copying, but apparently it didn't enough."
      If a doll were truly an original work, a creator wouldn't have to try to avoid copying anything.

      Under DoA's general definition, a recast is an unauthorized copy of any part of an existing doll originally created by another dollmaker, using molds or digital scans of those doll parts, without prior express permission from the original creator.
      Starting with someone else's preexisting design, then making multiple, minor tweaks digitally through 3D software and printing, in an attempt to create stylistic distance is becoming an unpleasant new aspect of recasting/copying. Any kind of unauthorized copying, no matter how much it is changed, and no matter the method, is still using someone else's work as a substitute for doing their own work, which is effectively recasting, and is therefore not allowed on DoA in any way.

      As such, Noyadoll, this doll in question, and any & all of his works produced after August 2020, are banned from DoA.
      Any other dolls that were created and sold before this time, which the mod team had decided were on topic at that time, are still allowed.
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