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Nw petite dolls :D

Aug 21, 2004

    1. Oh, Big News~~~ >.<
      I've got a Fresh image from Baby,Baby,Baby, Petie AI(a Cyworld AI club in korea)

      They will be a brother or sister of Gabriel, and Rafel :D
      I Couldn't see in a person, only by images. anyhow, it is HOT News I think~*
      the schedule : Early September,
      Pcs : 20 pcs Each,
      one of them is limited version, one of them is unlimited version
      (do not know who is who. and shop manager said samething too; it seems that not fixed yet)


    2. OMG both of them are so adorable!!(>.<)
      Lovely faceup and love them both very much!! :D
    3. Aaaaaaaw they are too cute :D
    4. Adorable! ^_^ They look so sweet and beautiful painted. Thank you for sharing this info with us, Anu.
    5. I want a petit sooo bad, but the one i liked, raphael, wasn't unlimited XD

      I wonder which archangel this one will be? Michael or Uriel? :33
    6. oh wow!! they are so cute *squeek!8 thank you so much for the sneak peek!

      =} they look so cute *_*
    8. I've heard that the top one is the limited (the one that looks like he/she is squinting a bit), and the one on the bottom is a standard. Aren't they adorable?
    9. *jaw drop* ...... Oh my goodness. >.< I have a feeling my little Nemo is going to have a new sibling coming home in early September. They are so very gorgeous!!

      Ee, I can only hope that's right. ^^; I hate to pick favorites, but the bottom one is so very adorable. <3 *wants*
    10. So adorable! :chibi
    11. They are both just *cute*... I like the second one a little bit better, because of the sad expression ^-^.
    12. They are adorable, Anu! Thanks for sharing :daisy

      I hope that the bottom one is unlimited, because that's the one I like best (selfish me, I know!) Can't wait to see more photos!
    13. :D
      "Cute" is the first word coming to my mind... with a lot of exclamation signs.
      I love petites...
    14. Ahh! When are these dolls coming out?
      I went to the CH home page, but they don't have anything about them :(
    15. Cute! They both look like little kiddies! That's so adorable my teeth hurt.
    16. I'm curious how big they are?
    17. I thought they were 10 inches tall :oops:. Maybe someone that has one could tell us for sure, or maybe it is on the Custom House website :?
    18. A CH Petite Ai is 30 cm, I think that's about 10 inches. Of course i could be wrong.
    19. but she said "baby baby baby" implying maybe they are smaller than petite ai?