New Doll NYMPHEAS DOLLS : Harmony

Aug 29, 2018

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      Hello, this doll asked me several months of sculpture, I’m always moved when I present them for the first time, I wanted to make a fairy, light and full of sweetness: here is Harmony!
      She is 25 cm, she has double joints at the elbows and knees and she’s a part of Lady category.
      Her wings are tied with rubber bands and a ribbon, because of their weight the doll can’t stand with the wings unless a base is used! she will be available in Cream skin only during the period from September 20th to 30th.

      And as usual, installment payment in 6 months is 50,40 € / month (with 30% down payment) for a blank doll (you can do the simulation on the order screen and select ‘put it on layaway’. )

      Sincerely <3

      K6 /


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    2. Few pics of blank Harmony :)

    3. With wings