ReRelease Nympheas dolls : Joy & Harmony

Aug 29, 2019

    1. Hello :)
      I created Joy 4 years ago. Since then I wanted to bring to my dolls more possibilities of movement.
      I perfected my technique, but I missed Joy smiling face.
      So, to give her a new life, she has been adapted to the body 'Lady' (designed in 2018) which is much more maded.
      Harmony and Joy embody everything I would like to bring: Joy and harmony. So I'm very happy to propose them again!

      They will be available from September 1 to October 5 in Real tan and Fair (there will surely be a Milk chocolate option because I was asked).
      Their price will be 320 € + postage (I stopped to practice postage included so that the total remains the same for international customers and more advantageous for European and French customers).
      Tsubasa is also kind enough to reserve me 5 slots for a nice made-to-measure make-up.

      That's all I said but do not hesitate if you have other questions ^^

      K6 /

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    2. here is a short video :)