New Doll NYMPHEAS DOLLS : KtooLoo the octopus

Jan 18, 2021

    1. She is finally here!
      My sprawling creature that you supported and that almost never saw the light of day.
      I dreamed of her, all translucent blue and giant!
      I am so happy to be able to offer her to you, she clings to my arm, climbs on my shoulders,

      whispers stories about the ocean in my ear… Ktoo Loo measures 46 cm and has 8 articulated tentacles of 12 pieces each . In order to preserve the roundness of its head I made it of a single block, so the eyes slide from below. This model is quite heavy and a base can allow it to show off well :)

      she will be available from February 1st to April 1st. Also to help you as well as possible I decided to accept a spread of payments over 10 months free of charge!
      It will be available in Octo skin (natural) or Crystal skin (transparent blue).

      Make-up is offered by 'Le mouton en sucre' who can make a simple one, or more elaborate on request so that it is to your taste.
      The sugar sheep offers to make eyes, also optional.

      Octopus hugs!
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    2. Preorder is OPEN :)

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    3. Quick stop motion :)