New Doll NYMPHEAS DOLLS - Mûshika preorder

Jan 16, 2018

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      Hello everyone,
      The next preorder will be for Mûshika, a lady mouse on the ‘pin-up’ body (like Squirrel), The gods and goddesses of India all have an animal vehicle, their vahana. Mûshika is the name of the rat mounts of Ganesh, a clever little being who helps the most powerful elephant!
      It will be available in Green Tea (phosphorescent) & Cream from 1 to 7 September, and only during that week.
      I made a 360 ° video that you can observe it from every angle;)

      She wears well Yo-sd clothes created by Venecja and Lullaby can make custom dresses for her.
      A makeup made by Tsubasa will be offered in very limited quantities (10 dolls only, 5 cream, 5 Green).
      And as usual, payment installment in 6 months is 54,60 € / month for a blank doll (you can do the simulation on the control screen and select ‘put it on layaway’.)

      Be careful, she will not return to pre-order in these colors.

      Dolly Hugs & happy new year

      K6 /

      Layaway exemple (one doll blank, free shipping worldwide) :



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    2. Hello, where does it ship from? France i tought?
    3. Yes France, and shipping is free worldwide ;)
    4. Thank you, joined your list...
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    5. Tsubasa faceup (10 limited)