Preorder Nympheas dolls : Mini Squirrel

Dec 27, 2018

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      Hello everybody, many of you have been waiting for her, she is finally here, the Squirrel Mini (17.5 cm) will be in preorder from January 1st to January 10th.
      With the ‘ pocket ‘ version of Squirrel you can choose to adopt her with the ‘ big bust ‘ or ‘ small bust ‘, on the ‘ small bust ‘ version the belly is elongated,
      You will also have the possibility to choose the face ‘ dreaming ‘ or ‘ Open eyes ‘. Like her big sister, Mini Squirrel keeps an excellent poseability, she wears 4inch size wigs (As for a Puki Puki) and 6/8 mm for the eyes.
      Thank you all for staying as Faithful to my work, happy end of year holidays
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    2. Hello :)

      I will try something new for your happiness i hope! I have set up a system to choose the pin-up doll you love the most and in the color of your choice among 7 colors, its also possible to choose the type of bust (small or big). I choose to keep the natural colors and 3 pastel colors, I do not offer transparent or phosphorescent colors for this kind of order …

      The pre-order is open for 2 months to group the orders as much as possible, the ladies come with eyes and their respective ears, you still could pay in 6 months and shipping is FREE!

      Preorder are open now util April 1st

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