New Doll NYMPHEAS DOLLS Squirrel Cream Limited

Feb 23, 2017

    1. Hello :)
      Because you love Squirrel so much, she win the right to return in cream skin;)
      It is a squirrel lady who is the first in the “pin-up” line,
      She is 26 cm (about yo-sd size) wears 12mm eyes and a 6/7 inch wig, she has double joints at elbows and knees,
      As well as a joint to the bust which allows it a good amplitude of movements. She will come with eyes and ears!
      The makeup is optional as well as the body blush. Exceptionally for this pre-order you have the chance to choose the beautiful makeup made by Tsubasa (limited to 10)
      Squirrel will be available in preorder from March 1st to 7th, be careful it will be the only production in this color.
      A final reminder, postage is FREE and payment is possible up to 6 times free of charge!

      Thank you for your loyalty which allows me to continue to create <3

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